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2006 Awards

Jac Deweese and Scooter
Champion Single
UMECRA Champion Single

Jac Deweese and Cake
Reserve Champion Single
UMECRA Reserve Champion Single

Gary Jackson and Horus
3rd Place Single

Wes Licht and Annie
Champion Single Limited Distance
UMECRA 3rd Place Single

Jack Shea and Lee
Reserve Champion Limited Distance
Rookie of the Year

Katz Jackon and Talon
3rd Place Single Limited Distance


Jac and Marguerite Deweese have been active MDDA members for many years after Jac brought his small pony named Ashes to an MDDA distance drive and got hooked on the sport. Though not a “horse person” herself, Marguerite has been very supportive of Jac’s hobby and she even volunteered to help with the food at MDDA events. An excellent cook herself, Marguerite organized the meals for MDDA Classroom Clinics and Iron Oak Clinic and Novice Ride/Drive and enlisted her daughters and others to help. It is suspected that because of Marguerite’s influence, many participants come to the events just for the meals. Though Marguerite is stepping down from this taxing job, we hope to continue to see her smiling face at board meetings and events in the future.

Jac has served MDDA in so many capacities that it is difficult to name them all but we will try: Webmaster Supreme; former Vice-president; Treasurer and Financial Adviser; Keeper of Points for all the participants and their horses; Trail Designer; Trail Marker; Trail Clearer; Clinic Speaker; Writer; Photographer; Author of the information-packed MDDA Handbook; and winner of many funny awards because of his occasionally creative ways of driving. (Thanks goodness he has a good sense of humor, too!) Jac was very successful with Ashes and also with his Morgan mare, Nora. Nora really improved her manners along with improving her conditioning and metabolics. Tragically, at the height of her distance career, she collicked badly and died. Jac’s young Morab was not old enough for distance work but he acquired a Morgan gelding named “Scooter” and an Arabian gelding named “Cake.” Once again, Jac worked diligently with these horses and they both have made great progress in becoming top-notch distance driving horses.

We take pleasure in awarding Jac and Marguerite Deweese the MDDA Volunteer of the Year Award!


Outgoing Board member Connie Gray was recognized at the 2006 MDDA Annual Meeting. She has been active MDDA member since the organization’s beginning when she often participated in distance drives with her faithful Arab, “To Go.” Connie marked trails for many events, particularly Glacier Trails sponsored by MDDA. Connie is an expert on the care and conditioning of horses for distance work and she often presented the conditioning part of MDDA’s Classroom Clinic, and Iron Oak Clinic and Novice Ride/Drive. Along with Sandy Rudstrom, Connie took charge of finding sources and ordering awards for MDDA’s year-end awards ceremony and annual meeting. Being an experienced distance rider as well as driver, Connie provided helpful insights regarding the needs and desires of the distance riders who attended MDDA events. Connie has long been active in UMECRA as well as MDDA. We hope she continues to volunteer, share her knowledge and do a distance drive when she has the time.


Outgoing Board member Pauline Stollenwerk was recognized at the 2006 MDDA Annual Meeting. She has been an active MDDA member since the organization’s beginning when she participated in distance drives with her faithful Standardbred, Tony. Pauline often assisted at Novice Clinics by bringing horse, Meadowbrook cart and spares kit, donating food, and even giving part of the presentation. Her low-key, enjoyable method of conditioning was to drive with cell phone and liquid refreshments handy. When not driving herself, she often presided over the registration table and gave all the competitors warm and friendly welcomes to the sport of distance driving. At the Annual Meeting, she took charge of the silent auction and entertainment. Pauline encouraged us to “keep it simple, keep it fun,” and often offered us her excellent “Bloody Mary’s” at the end of the drive. Though now off the Board, we all hope to continue to see (and hear) Pauline on the trails with us at distance drives.

Point Standing

Last First Horse Points Drvs Miles LD Novice
Deweese Jac Scooter (Morgan) 47.20 6 120
Deweese Jac Cake (Arab) 42.08 9 109
Dupler Derrick Rhia (Morgan) 32.88 4 77
Licht Wes Lena Su Ladyhawk (Morab) 30.80 3 70
Licht Wes Annie (Morab) 29.96 6 71 Y
Jackson Gary Horus (Morgan) 29.84 6 76
Shea John Lee (Canadian) 19.52 5 57.5 Y
Clay Jim Pepe (POA) 17.16 3 39
Clay Jim Scarlet (POA) 17.16 3 39
Jackson Katz Talon (Morgan) 17.12 5 56 Y Yes
Clapper Mary Benjamin (Rocky Mountain) 13.44 3 36 Y
Fisher Brian Tenzar (Arab) 13.20 1 30
Fisher Brian Unknown (Arab) 13.20 1 30
Houk Roger Jazz (Morab) 12.00 2 32
Thayer Bruce Dayo (Morgan) 9.60 2 24 Y
Thomas Cathy Trade Fair (Arab Cross) 7.92 2 22 Yes
Fisher Raven Domminic (American Warmblood) 6.56 2 22 Y Yes
Mowrer Aaron Arazi (Half Arab) 5.28 1 12 Y
Stillions Sheryl Megan (Friesian/Stdb) 5.04 2 12 Y Yes
Dingman Valarie Annie (?) 4.80 1 15 Y
Moser Debbie Barnon Ken (Morgan) 3.36 2 12 Y Yes
Rhinehart Gene Celtic (Friesian/Sport Horse) 2.88 2 12 Y Yes
Rhinehart Kate Gentry (Quarter Horse) 2.88 2 12 Y Yes
Garbisch Glenn Junior (Pinto/Arab) 2.40 1 6 Y
Kranz Charles Spencer, Morgan 2.40 1 12 Y Yes
Knoll Debra Maggie (Morgan) 1.20 1 6 Y Yes
Morris Earl Hank (Trottingbred Pony) 1.20 1 6 Y Yes
Winter Mary Kevyn (Welsh Pony) 1.20 1 6 Y Yes

Cumulative Miles

Cumulative Member
Last First Horse Mileage Verification
Licht Wes Lena Su Ladyhawk (Morab) 315 ’06
Deweese Jac Scooter (Morgan) 243.5 ’07
Rudstrom Randy Buddy (Standardbred) 243 ’06
Gray Connie ToGo (Arab) 238.5 ’06
Rudstrom Randy Gus (Standardbred) 190 ’06
Jackson Gary Horus (Morgan) 188 ’07
Dupler Derrick Rhia (Morgan) 155 ’06
Licht Wes Annie (Morab) 132 ’06
Brunzlick Sharon Junior (Standardbred) 130 ’06
Deweese Jac Nora 116 ’07
Deweese Jac Cake (Arab) 109 ’07
Clay Jim Pepe (POA) 101 ’06
Espe Art Fancy (Arabian) 87 ’05
Van Camp Fay Missy (grade) 83 ’05
Houk Roger Jazz (Morab) 82 ’07
Deweese Jac Ashes (Welsh pony cross) 74.5 ’07
Licht Wes Jesse Jane (Morab) 74 ’06
Dahlberg Julie Bess (Morgan,cross) 72.5 ’06
Dahlberg Julie Rowdy (Morgan,cross) 72.5 ’06
Clay Jim Scarlet (POA) 59 ’06