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We’re glad you stopped by to visit our website on distance driving. Perhaps you’ve just discovered MDDA and want to learn more about just what we do. Perhaps you’ve come to check the schedule to see when and where competitive drives are being held or check the results of past drives. Or perhaps you are just interested in looking at some photographs of our horses and drivers at the various competitions. Whatever the reason, thanks for browsing and drop us a line if we can answer any questions or be of service to you.

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Future Events

Mini Driving Gelding w/cart and harness – for sale

Posting for friend, I have no knowledge of this horse!

Mini driving gelding for sale, includes cart and harness. Dark bay gelding, 38″ tall, 16-17 years old, registered, very well broke. Asking $750 as a package to good home, serious inquiries only, please. 608-697-7900
Located in central Wisconsin, Portage area.

MDDA Horse Makes the Big Time Modeling Circuit.

Alice Hubert shared the notification that her photo was used by Dr. Robert Cook’s ‘The Bitless Bridle’.

Hi Alice,

 Just wanted to let you know that your photo is up on our home page J

 Warm regards,


Congratulations to Alice and Lil Kay.  Nice photo and nice to hear your experience with the bitless bridle.


First Sleigh Ride

submitted by Alice Hubert

Sunday was a great day for a sleigh ride.  Temps near 30, and a good layer of snow.  Ray took the tractor out with our trail making sled, and made some paths around the farm.  Then we hitched Pete and Mini up and went for a 1.8 mile sleigh ride.  Mini would get very upset when Pete got close, and would try to swerve into his path.  She was also kicking up her heels and head tossing a lot, so she was feeling good.  I have a video that I will try to upload onto Facebook. I have noticed that for some reason Lil Kay wasn’t in any of the pictures.  I will have to remedy that.
Here are some pictures:

Iron Oak – Opportunity!

Iron Oak, our MDDA club ride and drive event is nearly here, coming up on October 12 and 13.

We’re such a small club, everyone’s help is important.  Spouses, sons, daughters, members and non-members are welcomed!  We’ll be proud to accept your help

If you’ve never helped at one of these ride/drive events you’ll be amazed at how rewarding it can be.  Our participants are fine people and very appreciative.  It’s also a great opportunity to see if this sport is something you might enjoy.

We really need everyone’s involvement and help to put on a great event!

We will have a crew marking trails on Thursday 10/10, starting around noon. We can use manpower and tools (gator/4-wheelers, heavy staplers, etc.)!  (More help equals less work for everyone and faster completion!)

We also need a food coordinator- if you are (or might be) interested, please contact Ruth Casserly email.

Does anyone have a canopy we can borrow for use by our vets or the timer?

There will be lots of little jobs we’ll need help with during the event.  Even a few hours can make a big difference.  Please don’t be shy! Volunteer! 

Any questions, please contact Ruth or Tim Casserly, the Ride Managers at email

Hope to see you all at Ukarydee on 10/12 and 13!

Link to Walnut Hill Photos

To see photos of the outstanding turnouts at Walnut Hill Pleasure Drive click here.

National Endurance Driving Association

We are constantly looking for activities similar to our distance driving.  After getting a tip from Tony I looked up ‘National Endurance Driving Association’ and was delighted to find that this association is actually ‘active’ and has a significant number of participants.  Their headquarters is in Silver Springs, Nevada.

The web site appears to be incomplete with a lot of ‘coming soon’ notations.  There are no rules or by-laws and the newsletter and blog don’t really exist, but the ‘Standings’ page does indeed have results.  The registration page also brings up a page for entries.

On the registration you have the option of entering as a rider or driver, and since the results are for the horse, I assume that the places may be for either ridden or driven horses.

Reviewing the results shows that they have both long distance (apparently 20 – 25 miles) and short distance events (10 – 12 miles).  The results show participation varying from as few as 6 to as many as 20+.

The points are confusing (without the rules for clarification).  In some cases it seems that all that completed an event received the same points (looks like 1 point per mile) regardless of the time.  On others the points are considerably higher than the miles and must include some ‘time’ points.

I can’t tell anything about the terrain for the events.  All of the pictures clearly show the competitors on roads but that may have simply been a convenient photo opportunity.

I’m trying to communicate with them to learn more.  If I get a response I’ll post more information.

Mosquito Run results

Mosquito Run 10 mile drive – July 13, 2013

1.  Sharon Hahn driving My Cameo Love (Arabian) – 372

2.  Cherrie Rose driving Lady (Haflinger) – 358

3.  Bonnie Pilgram driving Ben (Fjord) – 313


After heavy rains all night on Friday and into early Saturday a.m., I had resolved myself to being the only driver when Cherrie and Bonnie, members of a local driving club, rolled into camp.  I was so happy to see them!  The weather was fine by the time we hit the trail and we only donated a little blood to the local mosquito population despite the ride’s name.   Trails were largely flat through open prairie and some woods — although there was a little mud and sand to deal with, apparently we had it easy compared to the folks at Endure for the Cure!  Ben the Fjord did lose both of his front shoes on the trail, though.  Everyone had a great time and we hope to offer driving at Mosquito Run again next year.

“Taking the Reins”

Thought I’d post this for those of you who may be interested in some ‘show ring’ competition:


champion challenge
There are only 33 days left to qualify for the Championship Challenge at Taking the Reins on August 24 & 25 - 2013! Horse and Rider teams must be qualified by August 11, 2013 with papers submitted to the Wisconsin Horse Council by August 16, 2013.

The Championship Challenge is a statewide horse show where only the best compete.  Riders and their horses attend sanctioned shows all year long to qualify.  Competitors have the chance to take home the title of Championship Challenge Winner and some great prizes.

Not interested in competing?  You can still get your tickets to be a part of the Championship Challenge audience!  The show will take place Saturday and Sunday in the Nutrena Arena.

For Nomination Forms, a list of sanctioned shows, and the rules of the Wisconsin Horse Council Championship Challenge Horse Show, please visit and click on the “Programs” tab.

Don’t let time get away from you.  Find a sanctioned show in your area and qualify for the Championship Challenge before August 11, 2013!


Don’t miss out on your chance to try one of the fastest growing disciplines in the equine industry.  This cross-generational sport is increasingly popular among aging horsemen and women as well as families with young children.

Sign up for the Ultimate Driving Experience and enjoy the opportunity to sit next to a knowledgeable driver and learn the basics of driving.  After navigating through a cones course, you can literally “take the reins” and experience driving for yourself.  Register early to take advantage of the advanced rates!

Spaces for Taking the Reins Experiences are filling up fast!
Don’t miss out on your opportunity to try something new - sign up for your favorite
Taking the Reins experiences today!
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Get your Taking the Reins Tickets in advance!
One-day and two-day tickets are
available now and prices include shipping and parking!

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Endure for the Cure Update

Thought I should post this for your information (just in case you didn’t see it elsewhere):



The Park Superintendent at the new ride location, Jim Edgar Panther Creek Fish and Wildlife Area near Chandlerville, Illinois, approved the trails we plan to use and gave us some information to share with those of you planning on attending this ride:


  • The horse campground for Jim Edgar Panther Creek Fish and Wildlife area is Questing Hills.  About 75% of the sites can be reserved through and the rest are on a first come basis

    • The ride office/check in will be by site # 23 and the vendor will be at that site
    • The start and crew area will be south/below site # 11
    • The bathrooms are north/above site # 35

  • Do not bring firewood into the park

  • The camp host will have firewood as well as ice for sale at the campground

  • The vet check area will be in an open field with no shade, so prepare accordingly


  • The 50 mile/2-day 100 rides will consist of three loops:  18.6 miles, 15.7 miles, 15.7 miles

  • The 12.5 and 25 mile rides will consist of one or two 12.5 mile loops


  • All vet checks will be in camp


  • Tony Troyer checked out the suitability of the trails for the driving events and gave his o.k., and enough drivers have committed to participating so we will hold the driving events at Endure this year


  • Remember to raise money for the Komen Foundation and bring it to the ride (do not send it directly to Komen; the ride will not get credit for the donations if you do so).  Remember that the top fund raiser will receive a $1000 certificate donated by Tim and Ruth Casserly for an Endurance Sport Saddle!


  • Also, volunteers are always welcome and needed!  Volunteers for leading Novice Rides will receive a free entry for the Novice Ride plus a $55 credit toward their other event entries at Endure.  Contact us if you are interested in leading a Novice Ride.

Drop us a note ( ) or call (217-871-1889; 217-871-1890) with questions.

Marty and Chris

Looking for Carts and Harness

I received a couple of requests that I decided to simply post here in order to obtain the widest audience possible.

I’m hoping someone can help or pass on to others who may be helpful.

The first is from Megan Shea:

Is there any way to contact the network of Wisconsin Drivers to see if anyone has a harness and cart that they want to sell?  I am toying around with the idea of breaking my donkey Jackson to drive, so he can be Dad’s therapeutic driving partner.
I have ground driven Jackson and he does well with it although he gets worried sometimes and “power walks” so I know he isn’t comfortable with it just yet.  I am not sure if he will take to the idea of having a cart behind him so I would like to buy the harness and cart used if at all possible to keep my initial costs down.  Jackson is 14hh, blanket size 70, and western girth size 24 inch so none of Dad’s equipment fits (he is probably more of a cob).  The cart would need to be an Easy Entry and I would prefer a harness with a breast collar (donkeys have such weird shoulders I doubt a full collar would fit).  Otherwise my only requirements are affordable and safe for use.  I can take any necessary measurements to estimate if something will fit him.
If you can help me to get the word out there I would appreciate it.
Thank you!
-Megan (Shea) Javornik

The second is from Claire Hill:

My Haflinger and I are still working on driving.  We went to a great clinic last weekend at Ingrid Krauses place and learned that the easy entry cart I have is too small for my mare, LuLu.  Do you know of any members that have a cart for sale or may want to trade for a smaller one?  I didn’t see any ads on the MDDA site.  Also- do you know anyone in the Darien/Delavan area that I could hire to help me with her training?  (I need someone who is horse savvy to walk next to her (while I drive) to reinforce “Whoa and Stand”.   Thanks.

Claire Hill, MPH