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We’re glad you stopped by to visit our website on distance driving. Perhaps you’ve just discovered MDDA and want to learn more about just what we do. Perhaps you’ve come to check the schedule to see when and where competitive drives are being held or check the results of past drives. Or perhaps you are just interested in looking at some photographs of our horses and drivers at the various competitions. Whatever the reason, thanks for browsing and drop us a line if we can answer any questions or be of service to you.

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Future Events

2005 Awards

Wes Licht and Lena
Champion Single
UMECRA Champion Single

Jac Deweese and Scooter
Reserve Champion Single
UMECRA Reserve Champion Single

Randy Rudstrom and Buddy
3rd Place Single

Fay Van Camp and Missy
4th Place Single

Gary Jackson and Horus
Champion Single Limited Distance

Wes Licht and Annie
Reserve Champion Single Limited Distance

Derrick Dupler and Rhia
Rookie of the Year

2005 Annual

[img src=]170
Wes Licht with Lena<br />MDDA Singles Champion <br />UMECRA Singles Champion
[img src=]120
Jac Deweese with Scooter<br />MDDA Reserve Singles Champion<br />UMECRA Reserve Singles Champion
[img src=]70
Randy Rudstrom with Buddy<br />MDDA 3rd Place Singles<br />UMECRA Top Four Singles
[img src=]60
Fay Van Camp with Missy<br />MDDA 4th Place Singles
[img src=]70
Gary Jackson with Horus<br />MDDA Singles Champion Limited Distance
[img src=]70
Wes Licht with Annie<br />MDDA Reserve Singles Champion<br />Limited Distance<br />UMECRA Top Four Singles
[img src=]60
Derrick Dupler with Rhia<br />MDDA Rookie of the Year
[img src=]60
Derrick Dupler<br />Tall Grass Ravine Award
[img src=]80
Jac Deweese<br />Woodpile Award
[img src=]60
Roger & Dana Houk<br />Volunteer of the Year Award
[img src=]50
Elinor Tonsor, Romona Radtke & Linda Jacobson<br />Special Service Award

Point Standing

Name Horse Points Drvs Miles
Licht, Wes Lena Su Ladyhawk (Morab) 58.74 7 133.5
Deweese, Jac Scooter (Morgan) 43.52 9 123.5
Rudstrom, Randy Buddy (Standardbred) 34.8 6 94
*Dupler, Derrick Rhia (Morgan) 29.12 4 72
*Jackson, Gary Horus (Morgan) 28.6 6 71
*Van Camp, Fay Missy (grade) 26 5 67
Licht, Wes Annie (Morab) 22.2 5 55
*Clay, Jim Pepe (POA) 12.88 3 38
Dixon, Deb Magik (Saddlebred-Quarter cross) 11.12 3 34
*Thayer, Bruce Dayo (Morgan) 11.08 3 31
*Ethington, Jan Rocky (Fjord) 8.4 3 26
Houk, Roger Jazz (Morab) 4.88 2 22
Wasielewski, Paul Baby Dude (Saddlebred-Quarter cross) 7.12 2 22
Jarocki, Pat Rocky (Mini) 6.12 2 19
*Osterby, Karen Serr (Pintoabrabian) 5.6 2 16
**Fischer, Brian Uffda 5.72 1 13
*Fisher, Raven Domminic (American Warmblood) 2.4 1 12
Brunzlick, Sharon Junior (Standardbred) 5.28 1 12
Espe, Art Fancy (Arabian) 3.36 1 12
**Frejlach-Grubb, Grace Smoke (Azteca) 3.78 1 10.5
**Schultz, Larry Addiyr (Arabian) 4 1 10
*Clay, Jim Scarlet (POA) 2.4 1 10
*Robinson, Laneta Annie (Morab) 1.92 1 6
*Shea, John Kim (Canadian) 1.2 1 6
Garbisch, Glenn Akhea (Arab) 2.64 1 6
Dahlberg, Julie Bess + Rowdy, Morgan,cross 21.12 4 48

Cumulative Miles

Last First Horse Mileage
Licht Wes Lena Su Ladyhawk (Morab) 245
Rudstrom Randy Buddy (Standardbred) 243
Gray Connie ToGo (Arab) 238.5
Rudstrom Randy Gus (Standardbred) 190
Brunzlick Sharon Junior (Standardbred) 130
Deweese Jac Scooter (Morgan) 123.5
Deweese Jac Nora 116
Jackson Gary Horus (Morgan) 112
Espe Art Fancy (Arabian) 87
Van Camp Fay Missy (grade) 83
Dupler Derrick Rhia (Morgan) 78
Deweese Jac Ashes (Welsh pony cross) 74.5
Licht Wes Jesse Jane (Morab) 74
Dahlberg Julie Bess (Morgan,cross) 72.5
Dahlberg Julie Rowdy (Morgan,cross) 72.5
Clay Jim Pepe (POA) 62
Licht Wes Annie (Morab) 61
Licht Wes Lady Omega (Morab) 58
Dixon Deb Magik (Saddlebred-Quarter cross) 56
Houk Roger Jazz (Morab) 50

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