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Randy Rudstrom and Gus
Champion Single
UMECRA Champion Single

Connie Gray and To Go
Reserve Champion Single
UMECRA Reserve Champion Single

Jac Deweese and Nora
Rookie of the Year

Debbie Dixon

In the spring of 2002 at an impromptu meeting of Midwest Distance Driving Association (MDDA) members following their Wisconsin clinic, Debbie Dixon volunteered her efforts to product a newsletter to keep the membership informed of association activities. Within a
short couple of weeks, members and clinic participants were enjoying the first Official Newsletter of MDDA, impressive in style and informative in substance.

With her efforts and special talents, Debbie has kept folks aware of our past and future distance driving events throughout the year. In all, five different newsletters were sent out to folks throughout Wisconsin, and in Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota in 2002.

Deb’s special  blend of photos and stories in the newsletter has a flair that makes it fun to receive and read, and proud to be a member of MDDA. The logo for our organization, which appeared first on the newsletter and later on other stories and advertising, is of her design.  Now the logo is widely recognized by those in the Midwest horse world as representing the organization for distance driving. And the newsletters continue. Debbie has also been a tough competitor. Following the 2001 year of competition, Debbie was recognized for her driving participation with her saddlebred mare, Magic. She was the breed winner as well as the first place driver/horse combination in MDDA. Previously she groomed for partner Paul Wasielewski,(MDDA Single Horse Champion in 2000) and so they traded responsibilities and well-deserved accolades.

Congratulations and thanks.

Point Standing

Name Horse Points Drvs Miles
Randy Rudstrom Gus 51.12 6 118
Connie Gray To Go 42.88 6 112
Art Espe Fancy 30.2 4 75
Wes Licht Topaz 9.8 2 25
Jacque Deweese Nora 7.44 2 22
Lana Santamaria Noble 8.8 2 20
Sharon Beck Cassie 6.24 2 16
Tom Krueger Monti 5.44 2 16
Deb Radtke Friesian 5.28 1 12
Debbie Dixon Majik 4.8 1 12
Randy Rudstrom Buddy 4.32 1 12
Larry Ciezla Dakotas Golden Topas 3.2 1 10
Pauline Stollenwerk Tony 4.4 1 10
Roger Houk 2.8 1 10
Sherry Bilus Liepsna 3.2 1 10
Wes Licht Jesse Jane 4 1 10
Grace Ostien 2.16 1 6
Jacque Deweese Ashes 1.92 1 6
Laurel Pyatt 2.4 1 6
Mathew Kautz 1.68 1 6
Theresa Burns Gus & Opal 16.28 37
Paul Wasielweski 2.64 1 6