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We’re glad you stopped by to visit our website on distance driving. Perhaps you’ve just discovered MDDA and want to learn more about just what we do. Perhaps you’ve come to check the schedule to see when and where competitive drives are being held or check the results of past drives. Or perhaps you are just interested in looking at some photographs of our horses and drivers at the various competitions. Whatever the reason, thanks for browsing and drop us a line if we can answer any questions or be of service to you.

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Future Events

2001 Awards

Deb Dixon and Magic
Champion Single

Connie Gray and To Go
Reserve Champion Single
UMECRA Champion Single

Randy Rudstom and Gus
3rd Place Single
UMECRA Reserve Champion Single

Tom Krueger and Monti Montana
4th Place Single

Theresa Burns/Metcalf with Bold Endeavor Gus and Bold Endeavor Opal
Champion Pair
UMECRA Champion Pair

2001 YE Awards

[img src=]60
From left to right. At the Upper Midwest Endurance & Competitive Rides Assoc. Awards Banquet, Randy Rudstrom received the Reserve Single Championship from UMECRA and High Point Standardbred from MDDA.Deb Dixon was MDDA Champion Distance Driver and High Point Saddlebred. Theresa Burns-Metcalf was awarded with the UMECRA Multiple Championship and the MDDA High Point Quarter Horse Award. Connie Gray received the UMECRA Champion Single Horse Award and MDDA Reserve Champion Distance Driver plus she received the High Point Arabian from MDDA.
[img src=]40
Theresa Burns-Metcalf driving Bold Endeavor Gus and Bold Endeavor Opal<br />Theresa Burns-Metcalf of Lancaster, WI driving Bold Endeavors Gus and Bold Endeavors Opal at St. Croix State Park in Hinkley MN. Gus and Opal are 6 and 7 year old Quarter Horses, respectively. They earned the following:<br /><br /> UMECRA Multiples Distance Driving Championship<br /><br />MDDA 2001 High Point Quarter Horse Award
[img src=]20
Connie Gray driving To Go<br /> Connie Gray of Eagle, WI driving To Go an Arabian at the Kettle Classic Event, New Prospect, WI. This teamed earned the following:<br /><br />UMECRA Championship Single Distance Driver<br /><br />Reserve Championship for MDDA <br /><br />MDDA 2001 High Point Arab Award.
[img src=]30
Debra Dixon driving Magic<br /> Debra Dixon of Eagle, WI driving Magic an American Saddlebred at the Kettle Classic Event, New Prospect, WI. This team earned the following:<br /><br />MDDA Championship Distance Driver<br /><br />2001 High Point Saddlebred Award.
[img src=]20
Randy Rudstrom driving Buddy<br />Randy Rudstrom driving his Standardbred Buddy received the<br /><br />UMECRA Champion and Reserve Champion Awards for Single Driving
[img src=]20
Tom Krueger driving Monti<br />Tom Krueger with his Haflinger Monti will receive the<br /><br />Draft Pony Award.

Jane Licht – 2001 Volunteer of the Year

Jane Licht was recognized at the November meeting of the Midwest Distance Driving
Association (MDDA) for her efforts in promoting competitive driving and this

As Secretary of MDDA Jane has been responsible for taking the minutes of the
meetings andrecording the actions of the board and the members.  In addition Jane
has promoted MDDA activities with her many stories of distant drives,published
in the Wisconsin Horseman’s News. Each story is usually accompanied by her
photographs of the drivers with their horses and members and participants involved
in timing, vet checks and award presentations. “Wait just a minute, ” she says as
she readies her camera to catch a ribbon winner, and then clicks her shutter to
capture the moment. A month later people across Wisconsin are learning about the
adventures of MDDA competitors  through her personal article and pictures.

Rarely will you see Jane just sitting around during an event as she helps with
registration, scribes for the vet, or times riders and drivers going or coming.
While Jane is not a driver, she also provides helpful ground support for husband
Wes before and after he’s on the trail.   When he competes with a pair she has
often been the groom, riding in the back of the carriage and aiding with the care
and needs of the horses.   And of course, she’s always taking pictures. You can
find many of her stories and photos on this website – testimony to the work and
fun of members of Midwest Distance Driving Association.

Thank you, Jane.

Point Standing

Name Horse Points Drvs Miles
Debbie Dixon Magic-Saddlebred 66.4 9 179
Connie Gray To Go-Arab 56.48 8 154
Randy Rudstrom Buddy-Standardbred 51.92 8 154
Tom Krueger Monti Montana-Haflinger 20.16 5 56
Art Espe Fancy-Arab 18.2 3 57
Gail Holcomb Cashlynns Black Diamonds-CobxMorgan 6.88 2 22
James Hagan Darren-pony 10.88 2 32
Pauline Stollenwerk Tony-Standardbred 9.2 2 22
Theresa Burns-Metcalf Bold Endeavors Gus-QtrxPaint 10.88 2 32
Ann Maletzke Devastation-Welsh Cobb 2.64 1 6
Betsy Freiburger Molly Bloom-PercheonxHanoverian 2.88 1 12
Chari Rutledge Cruiser-Morgan 2.4 1 6
Charles Kranz Jesse-Morgan 2.16 1 6
Debra Dixon Magic-Staddlebred 4.32 1 12
Ed Thielbar Just in 3.6 1 10
Gene Laajala 4 1 10
Grace Frejlach-Grubb Hunter type 3.2 1 10
John Holzwart 0 1 12
Lana Santamarie Noble 8.8 1 20
Michael Scott Fjord 3.6 1 10
Nicole Patterson 5.6 1 20
Pat Jarocki Rocky-pony 4.8 1 12
Paul Olson 4.4 1 10
Pauline Stollenwerk Tony-Standardbred 8.8 1 20
Philip Karow Rebel-Saddlebred 8 1 25
Randy Rudstrom Gus-Standardbred 3.84 1 12
Sandra Nowick Ramona-Arab 1.92 1 6
Sharon Beck Cassy-Arab 4 1 10
Susie Weiss Cosmos Spencer-Morgan 1.68 1 6
Wes Licht Sena Su Lady-Morab 4.4 1 10
Theresa Burns-Metcalf Gus & Opal 40.48 5 92
Dan Soby Lucy& Lizzy-Haflinger 14.08 2 32
Lowell Larson Tarzan & Misty-Arab 5.2 1 13
Mike Roberts Coriander&Missy-Quarter 5.04 1 14

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