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Annual Meeting

by Jac Deweese

Eighteen members and guests attended our annual meeting at the McFarland Center on Sunday Dec 2, 2013.

Doors opened for setup at 12 pm and found Wes and Jane Licht and Ray and Alice Hubert ready to go.  By the time I arrived (12:30) all the tables and chairs were arranged and ready to go.

Over the next half hour other members and our guest speaker, Mary Ruth Marks, gathered and enjoyed exchanging pleasantries.

We were gratified to see Jack and LuAnn Shea as well as Susan Keating.

Jack suffered a serious injury just over a year ago and it was really great to see him after such a long recovery.  (Recovery is on-going, but it was great to hear that he will be able to vacation in Florida this winter.)

Susan suffered a rather serious leg injury at an event this summer and is just starting to become ambulatory again.  She informed me that she had overdone it and was put back in a cast.  A set back but she appears in good spirits and we certainly enjoyed her company.

By 1 pm, the official start time, everyone was present.  About 2 pm our president (Tony Troyer) offered a prayer and invited everyone to partake of the excellent potluck.  As usual the food was outstanding and abundant.

After eating Tony introduced our ‘surprise’ speaker, Mary Ruth Marks.

The attendees listened with rapt attention as Mary Ruth shared her years of experience.  Key points were:

  1. When talking to your horse, mean what you say.
  2. Make the right things easy to do and the wrong things hard to do.
  3. We have to make mistakes faster, life is short, make mistakes, learn from them and move on.

She also talked about use of the whip with demonstrations.

This had to be one of the best speakers we’ve had and everyone should have learned something of value.

The business meeting was next on the agenda.

Ray Hubert was elected to the board and immediately to the presidency.

Tim Casserly was also elected to the board and then was elected vice president.

Alice Hubert continues as Secretary and Ruth Casserly continues as Treasurer.

A third board member elected at this meeting was Mary Clapper.

Iron Oaks was reviewed and it was suggested that the trails be marked a day earlier to allow time for testing and correcting any issues.  The riders were pleased with the weather and the trails, but there were a couple of trail marking issues that required correct in the middle of the night.

It was proposed that we combine the pair and singles into a single category, which is consistent with UMECRA.  The members voted to accept this change.

Wes Licht suggested that we resume the spring clinic as a means of attracting new members.  Jac Deweese offered his farm/facilities as host for a clinic or other fund raising activity.   Gary Jackson suggested that we might be able to obtain some funding for a clinic or a fun day through WHC.  (We had to abandon our ‘Fun Day’ fund raiser for lack of affordable insurance.)

I should note here that last year’s ‘Fun Day’ was concieved as a fund raising activity due to the loss of income from Glacier Trails.  In a last ditch effort to obtain insurance we incorporated a ‘mini’ clinic, but this was not sufficient to satisfy the insurers.

Gary Jackson and Jac Deweese will work together to formulate a plan for 2014.

Susan Keating suggested creating a ‘mini’ category.  This may have potential but will take further discussion by the board.

We then moved on to the awards.  (Check out the YE AWARDS section of the web site for pictures and placings.)

We had two ‘special’ awards this year.

Gary and Katz Jackson weere presented with a framed, mud spattered map of the Iron Oak trails to recognize their trail marking efforts.

Tony Troyer was presented an award for ‘perserverence’ when he overcame a broken seat by impersonating Ben Hur for about 9 miles at AHA Nationals.  After suffering a broken spring and and ‘incomplete’ at Iron Oak, he obviously was determined to live up to our motto “To Finish Is To Win!”.

Everyone had an enjoyable afternoon and we all hope you can join us next year!

Enjoy the pictures


[img src=]130LuAnn and Jack Shea "Welcome Back!"
[img src=]80Wes Licht, Larry Clapper, Ray Hubert, Alice Hubert, Jane Licht
[img src=]70Tony Troyer, Katz Jackson, Jack Shea, Terri Delke, LuAnn Shea
[img src=]70Susan Keating, Ruth Casserly, Tim Casserly, Mary Clapper, Larry Clapper, Mary Ruth Marks
[img src=]60Terri Delke, Jane Licht, LuAnn Shea, Jack Shea, Gary Jackson, Tony Troyer, Katz Jackson, Carol Delbert, Alice Hubert, Ray Hubert
[img src=]70Larry Clapper, Ruth Casserly, Mary Clapper, Susan Keating, Jane Licht, Terri Delke, LuAnn Shea, Jack Shea, Gary Jackson, Tony Troyer, Katz Jackson
[img src=]50Guest Speaker Mary Ruth Marks
[img src=]30Mary Ruth Marks, Tim Casserly, Larry Clapper, Ruth Casserly, Mary Clapper, Susan Keating, Jane Licht, LuAnn Shea, Terri Delke
[img src=]30Mary Ruth Marks Makes a point
[img src=]30Ruth Casserly presenting Treasurers Report
[img src=]302013 Awards
[img src=]30Ruth and Tim Casserly - Champion Pair
[img src=]40Alic Hubert - Champion LD Single
[img src=]50Ray Hubert - Reserve Champion LD Single
[img src=]30Tim Casserly - with High Mileage Trophy
[img src=]30Ruth and Tim with 1000 mile Awards won by Bach and Harley
[img src=]20Katz and Gary Jackson hold trail marking map

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