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Thursday Singles – 10 mile

  1. Susan Keating – Belle (Haflinger) – 360
  2. Mary Clapper – Benjamin Blue (Rocky Mountain) – 356
  3. Jack Shea – Kim (Canadian) -352

Thursday Pairs – 10 mile

  1. Wes Licht – Annie & Ellie (Morab) – 363.5

Friday Singles – 10 mile

  1. Cathy Krisling – Enga (Fjord) – 374
  2. Mary Clapper – Benjamin Blue (Rocky Mountain) – 348
  3. Susan Keating – Belle (Haflinger) – 343

Friday Singles – 20 mile

  1. Tony Troyer – Heart of the City (Arab/Saddlebred) – 346

Saturday Singles – 10 mile

  1. Katz Jackson – Talon (Morgan) – 369
  2. Alice Hubert – Pistol Pete-N (Standardbred) – 335
  3. Susan Keating – Belle (Haflinger) – 329
  4. Jack Shea – Kim (Canadian) -327
  5. Mary Clapper – Quinn’s Weeping Willow (?) – 326

Saturday Singles – 20 mile

  1. Tony Troyer – Heart of the City (Arab/Saddlebred)


By Jane Licht

“DRAW-arama” at Kettle Moraine State Forest Southern Unit was named to promote viewing fall colors from horseback and also from a carriage seat.  “DRAW” stands for Distance Riders of Wisconsin, a group of dedicated distance riders who work cooperatively with members of the Midwest Distance Driving Association (MDDA) as they set up their rides and the routes for each event.  Both groups are also members of the Upper Midwest Endurance and Competitive Rides Association (UMECRA).  All of the ride-drives scheduled by these groups throughout the season are sanctioned by UMECRA.

DRAW-arama was scheduled for October 1 through 3, and the only date we were free was on Thursday, October 1st .  Jack Shea, Mary Clapper and Susan Keating also attended on Thursday and drove their horses.  We have driven those trails many times and know that the first 2 miles in particular are quite rugged.  But there are areas of scenic meadows, pine woods, and stretches of gentle trails in addition to the rocky up and down parts.

Mary Clapper went first with passenger Nate Sunderledge, “the Wood Cutter and saint of all trails driveable” who carried a saw needed to cut down a tree that had recently fallen and blocked the trail.  Wes gave the other drivers their safety checks.  Then he hitched the horses to our marathon vehicle and we were on our way.  We found where Nate had sawed the good-sized log and pushed the large chunks of tree trunk out of the way.

Our route was 6 miles out and 6 miles back so we met the other drivers who were headed back to the start.  Wes stopped and let me take photos of them, some of which turned out fairly well.  We had no trouble making our window of time.  However, the P&R readings for Ellie and Annie were not particularly good, which is very unusual for them.  But the vets told us that all the horses’ P&R score were coming in high.  Our mares actually did quite well with an average score of 373.  As long as they are willing to work hard and stay in good condition, we are very pleased.  In this sport, to finish is to win!

We were pleased to learn that new distance driver Cathy Kirsling drove her well-conditioned Fjord pony Enga and won first place on Friday.  Mary drove Benjamin, Susan drove her Haflinger Belle, and Tony Troyer drove his Arab, Heart of the City.  Most drivers chose the 10 mile route but Tony decided to do the 20 mile drive.

There was also a nice group of drivers on Saturday with Katz Jackson’s Morgan mare Talon winning first place.  Mary drove her large pony named Qunn, Alice Hubert drove Pistol Pete, a Standard Bred, Susan drove Belle, and Jack drove Kim.