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We’re glad you stopped by to visit our website on distance driving. Perhaps you’ve just discovered MDDA and want to learn more about just what we do. Perhaps you’ve come to check the schedule to see when and where competitive drives are being held or check the results of past drives. Or perhaps you are just interested in looking at some photographs of our horses and drivers at the various competitions. Whatever the reason, thanks for browsing and drop us a line if we can answer any questions or be of service to you.

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Singles – 12 mile

Place Driver Horse Points
1 Jac Deweese Scooter (Morgan) 388
2 Jack Shea Kim (Canadian) 377
3 Glenn Garbisch Akea (Pinto/Arabian) 372
4 Mary Clapper Benjamin (Rocky Mountain) 356


By Jac Deweese

I received a call from Mary Clapper Saturday evening asking if I was planning to attend.  I assured her that I was coming and promised to be on time, but I had to stay home overnight.  It turned out that Mary was the only driver to arrive on Saturday and she was concerned that no one else was coming.

I was loaded at dawn and pleased that Scooter seemed anxious to go along.  He almost put his halter on himself and loaded without any hesitation.  (Not always the case!)  I had to stop for fuel and actually had to stop twice for breakfast.  The first McDonald’s wasn’t open at 6:20, but the second was, thank goodness.

With the stops we took longer than normal and arrived shortly after 7.  Scooter was unloaded immediately and after registering we immediately vetted.  I was happy to see that in addition to Mary we had Glenn Garbisch and Jack Shea ready to start.

We were a little surprised to learn that the trail would be different from last year and go south out of New Prospect.  This would involve crossing a wooden bridge and one hill that I remembered from several years ago as being quite difficult with large round stones making the footing treacherous.  Duly warned we sent Mary, Glenn and Jack out first so that I could do the safety check.  I thought this might be a good plan since I would be the last driver and hopefully be able to help anyone who ran into trouble.

I was concerned with getting safely out of camp and across the road.  Last year I had a close call when Scooter objected to a culvert crossing which had a black plastic erosion control material along one side.  To prepare for this I had exposed Scooter and his lot buddies to a black garbage bag filled with hay.  Although Scooter was very upset by the garbage bag, my young horse quickly tore it apart and ate the hay.  A couple of more exposures and Scooter seemed to accept it without concern.  Whether effective or not, Scooter passed the dreaded culvert without concern.

As we proceeded down the trail we met a man walking a dog who informed me that all drivers had passed without incident.  We took the trail alongside the road and soon came to a crossing that had a substantial puddle.  I was curious to see if Scooter would try to avoid it since we could easily drive around it.  He didn’t hesitate and strode right in, where we stopped to see if he had any interest in drinking.  He lowered his head but obviously was not interested in drinking that early in the drive.

Back on the road for a short distance then over another culvert and a turn to the bridge.  Water was running rapidly through the culvert and under the bridge.  A fairly substantial incline to the bridge and then a sharp descent on the other side.  No issues at all.

We then proceed to an area of open prairie where the wind is noticeable and chilly.  Heading south the wind was mostly to our back and it wasn’t bad at all.  We arrive at the road crossing, stop to check for traffic and proceed back into the woods where the wind is much less noticeable.

Winding through the woods we overtake Jack and Kim just before the road crossing.  Just beyond is the ‘hill’ and I’m concerned that Scooter charging up that hill may disturb Kim.  I pass Jack, cross the road and am at the bottom of the ‘hill’.  I can’t believe what I see!  No round stones and the footing is great.  Sometime between this day and my previous experience they have added gravel and made the trail relatively easy although still steep.

Down the other side, which was always less severe and on through the woods.  I soon meet Mary and Glenn who reportedly are having a great drive.  We have been given 2 hours for the 12 miles and with the cool temperature and easy trail we’ve all reached the turn around earlier than expected.

After the turn we adjust our speed to allow for the extra time and head back to camp.  I think we all had some difficulty holding our horses back on the return trip.

The only issue I had was when we reached the open prairie area, with the wind in our face, it was necessary to zip up the jacket.

As I arrived back in camp I found Mary and Glenn in the midst of their final vet check.  I was a little concerned that Jack hadn’t passed me on the return, but it was a very short time till he arrived back in camp.

I found the trail much easier than the northern route, and yet it held its own beauty.  It was fun to have a different route.  Barb Gardner did an excellent job with route selection.

After vetting, collecting our score sheets and our awards we quickly loaded, cleaned the area and departed.  The general consensus was that we all had a great day and were looking forward to Glacier Trails.

2007 DRAW I

[img src=]00
Glenn Garbisch is cooling down Junior
[img src=]00
Glenn and Junior complete their drive
[img src=]00
Glenn and Junior coming in
[img src=]00
Glenn and Junior are ready to start
[img src=]00
Glenn making final adjustments
[img src=]00
Glenn mounting cart
[img src=]00
Jac and Scooter are ready to go
[img src=]00
Jac and Scooter come in
[img src=]00
Jac unhitching
[img src=]00
Jack and Kim are ready to go
[img src=]00
Jack and Kim come in
[img src=]00
Jack and Kim wait for start signal
[img src=]00
Jack and Kim warming up
[img src=]00
Glenn and Junior have finished their vet check
[img src=]00
Mary and Benjamin head out
[img src=]00
Mary and Benjamin finish
[img src=]00
Mary and Benjamin warm up
[img src=]00
Mary and Benjamin Blue
[img src=]00
Mary preparing for the drive

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