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We’re glad you stopped by to visit our website on distance driving. Perhaps you’ve just discovered MDDA and want to learn more about just what we do. Perhaps you’ve come to check the schedule to see when and where competitive drives are being held or check the results of past drives. Or perhaps you are just interested in looking at some photographs of our horses and drivers at the various competitions. Whatever the reason, thanks for browsing and drop us a line if we can answer any questions or be of service to you.

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Future Events

2013 Schedule

26-28 Brushy Creek CANCELED Fort Dodge, IA Fr 50E/25LD/2-Day 50C/25C
Sa 75E/50E/25LD/2-day 50C/25C/12D
Su 25LD/12N
Roxi Welling
4-5 Kettles & Bits New Prospect, WI Sa 50E/25LD/25C/12.5D/12.5N
Su 25LD/25C/12.5D
Jill Feller
11-12 Glacier Trails Palmyra, WI Sa 50E/25LD/2-day 50C/25C/12D/12R&T
Su 2-day 50C/25LD/25C/12N/25D/12D
Romona Radtke
8-9 ApDRA Palmyra, WI Sa 50E/25LD/25C/12D/12N
Su 25LD/25C/12N/12D
Dawn Haas
29-30 AHDRA I My Backyard Wyanet, IL Sa 50E/30LD/2-day 50C/25C/12.5N/12D
Su 25LD/2-day 50C/25C/12.5N/12D
Lori Windows
13-14 Mosquito Run Rogers, MN Sa 50E/25LD/2-day 50C/25C/10D
Su 25LD/2-day 50C/25C/10N
Peggy Pasillas
12-14 AHDRA II Endure for the Cure New LocationChandlerville, IL Fr 2-day 100E/50E/25LD/25C
Sa 2-day 100E/50E/25LD/25C/25D/12.5D/12.5N
Su 25 LD/25C/12.5D/12.5N
AHDRA members $5 discount each entry
Marty Power
20-21 Zumbro Bottoms Wabasha, MN Sa 75E/50E/30LD/30C/20D/10D
Su 30LD/30C/10D/12N
Barry Saylor
10-11 Louise Riedel Memorial Arkdale, WI Sa 50E/25LD/25C/12D/12N
Su 25LD/25C/25D
Elinore Tonsor
17-18 Rock River Charity Ride Utica, IL Sa 60E/30LD/30C/25D/15D/15N
Su 30LD/30C/25D/15D/15N
AHA Region 11 End Championship
Tony Troyer
14-15 Colorama Greenbrush, WI Sa 100E/50E/25LD/25C
Su 25LD/25C/25D/12.5D/12.5N
Pam Cotton
3-6 DRAWarama Palmyra, WI Th 3-day 155E/55E/25LD/50C/25C/20D/10D
Fr 3-day 155E/50E/25LD/3-day 100C/40C/25C/20D/10D/15N
Sa 3-day 155E/50E/25LD/3-day 100C/2-day 60C/35C/25C/20D/10D/15N
Su 3-day 100C/2-day 60C/25LD/25C/10D
Barb Gardner
12-13 Iron Oak Arkdale, WI Sa 50E/25LD/25C/25D/12D/12N
Su 25LD/25C/12N/25D/12D
Tim Casserly
24-28 AHA National Distance Championships Ride Chandlerville, IL Th 100E/50E/25LD/25C/12.5N
Fr 25D/12D
Sa 50E/25LD/25C/12.5N
Su 2-day 70C/35C/15N
Mo 2-day 70C/35C
Tony Troyer
1 Annual Meeting/Awards McFarland, WI Sun McFarland Community Center
Doors open 12 noon
Bring dish to pass

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