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We’re glad you stopped by to visit our website on distance driving. Perhaps you’ve just discovered MDDA and want to learn more about just what we do. Perhaps you’ve come to check the schedule to see when and where competitive drives are being held or check the results of past drives. Or perhaps you are just interested in looking at some photographs of our horses and drivers at the various competitions. Whatever the reason, thanks for browsing and drop us a line if we can answer any questions or be of service to you.

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2011 – April

MDDA Meeting via Conference Call April 8, 2010

7:15 PM

Members present: Ruth Casserly, Mary Clapper, Jac Deweese, Gary and Katz Jackson, Linda Low, Lori Schoofs, Jack Shea, Tony Troyer

Members absent: Susan Keating submitted a letter of resignation to Tony Troyer.  She will be unable to continuing serving on the board due to other commitments, including going back to school.

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM by President Tony Troyer.

Old Business-Iron Oaks Ride/Drive-Jack Shea was happy to confirm that Lori Schoofs will lead off responsibility for food for the upcoming Iron Oaks Ride/Drive on April 23, 2011 with the base at Ukarydee Horse Camp.  She will plan on 12 people Friday night and Saturday morning-last year we had too much food.

In terms of lunch on Saturday, the number of 40 or 50 participants is the best guess.  Records from 2009 were reviewed, which had 39 riders.  Hotdogs will be the main dish for Saturday, along with other complementary food.  Everyone should bring sweets/desserts for Saturday and Lori will take care of the other food. Jack will bring water and Lori will bring soda, diet and regular.  Ukarydee now provides access to a full size refrigerator, two sinks, and a stove. Jack will bring a 42 cup coffee pot, plus a small one for water, along with a 50 cup thermos.  Coffee, hot cocoa, and tea will all be available.  Katz and Gary will provide creamer and sugar/sugar substitute.

One area that is still needed is leaders for the novice ride(s).  Two individuals rode as leaders last year, one of whom was Susan Keating.  She might not be available this year due to her school commitments.  There have been inquiries from novice riders and the hope is that a fair number of them will be participating.  Nate and Tammy Sunderlage, who live in the area, are not planning to participate this year due to personal commitments, and they will therefore probably not be able to assist as rider leaders.  The request was made to see if anybody from Castle Rock Riding Club might be available.  An attempt will be made to identify someone during the upcoming trail cleaning day on April 9th.  The 12 mile ride will be in the afternoon with a 12:30 PM start time.  Mary indicated she can lead one of the novice rides with her horse, Benjamin, if need be. Tony will also make some calls-start time could be delayed, if necessary.

Camping reservations need to be resolved. Thus far, Casserly’s, Katz Jackson, and Jack Shea will need reservations, with Tony Troyer coming on Friday night.  Linda’s husband Jim is coming to help with P & Rs and they will be staying at St. Joseph’s Resort.   Ride assistants should arrive at 6:00 AM.  Linda doesn’t have to arrive until 3:00 PM.  Trail layout will be led by Gary, Jack, and Katz, with Mary’s assistance.  Gary will bring along his GPS.  Jack will talk with camp owners, Mike and Mary Harris, tomorrow.  Jack will stop by Jac’s to pick up materials (lathe, etc.).  Jack already bought styrofoam plates. Trailmarking ribbons are still needed.  They could all be the same or different colors.  Clothespins may also be needed, and it was noted that we should have more, rather than less, ribbons on the trails, i.e. over-marking would be better than under-marking.  Tony added that his local 17-18 mile Rock River Trail has 250-300 ribbons altogether.  Jac volunteered to tie the ribbons before the event, Jack will pick up ribbons at The Home Depot after the trail clean-up tomorrow.

Water tanks-Jack will bring his and Mary will bring two as well.

Mary and Larry’s truck and trailer will be available for an ambulance.

Lori re-confirmed she will donate 20 bars of her homemade soaps. Seventy-five completion prizes are currently available.  The range of $15 – $20 should be used for first price and $10 for second place.  We will need 8 first prizes.  Jack and Gary will select possible prizes from Gary Steers’ booth on Saturday at the Horse Fair, and Gary and Katz will pick the items up on Sunday toward the end of the Horse Fair.  Linda reported she recruited an excellent assistant for scribing.  Tony will also help with P & Rs, and Mary will provide a timer, i.e. Larry.  Lori will try to get one of her daughters to volunteer, and Jack will ask if Sue Garbisch will assist with registration, that is, if she and Glenn will be at the ride/drive.  Ruth Casserly also volunteered to help with registration, which might start at 3:00 PM on Friday.  Overall, there should be sufficient volunteers to cover these areas.  Hopefully, the majority of riders will arrive on Friday.  Novice riders will arrive mid-morning on Saturday.  Jack will bring cones for the trotouts.  Tony will bring his canopy-10’ X 10’ or 10’ X 12’.  Menard’s has an all-purpose 10’ X 20’ canopy, regular or premium quality.  Mary made a motion to buy the premium style for the club, and Lori seconded it.  All were in favor and motion passed.  Tony also suggested getting a cheap tarp to add a side if the weather is bad for a windbreak.

After reviewing all aspects of Iron Oak event, it was concluded that finding novice leaders is the biggest concern and need.  Jac agreed to post the request for novice rider leaders on the UMECRA list.

Approval of minutes-Gary moved to approve minutes from our February 25 conference call meeting, with edits:  2011 driving clinician change Clay Meier to Bill Lower, and PITA to PETA.  Jack seconded it. Motion passed.

Lori and Katz reported on the ApDRA Endurance/Competitive Clinic, held on March 19 at Barb Gardner’s.  Three handouts were shared from MDDA, thanks to Jac’s assistance.  Katz also distributed an article from Equus that dealt with conditioning the competitive endurance horse.  The morning session of the clinic included lots of reporting on riding experiences over many years by experienced riders, and the afternoon involved hands-on work with Barb Gardner’s gelding, Roman.  There was one set of possible new drivers, and since they were already experienced drivers, it wasn’t necessary to demonstrate harnessing or hitching. Next year will be DRAW’s turn to do the classroom/hands-on clinic.  Perhaps we could join them again, and maybe we could take the lead on the 3rd year.  Gary brought up the option of offering a seminar at the Midwest Horse Fair next year (2012).  No interest was expressed at this time, and other clinic options were discussed.

Clinics were offered in the past in conjunction with Dairyland Driving Club, and also with other organizations.  Katz noted that in the current issue of Wisconsin Horsemen’s News (WHN) (p. 153) Dairyland Driving Club is offering a Safety Driving Clinic on May 7, 2011, as an example.  Folks pointed out that this clinic is different from what we do at ours, where we spend more time on the aspects of competitive driving, including the grading sheet, vet check, etc.  The importance of approaching the committee of folks that run a clinic was emphasized prior to attempting to jointly sponsor one.  No action was taken on clinics at this time, and further discussion can follow in future meetings.

New Business-It was reported that UMECRA has a new website with new info on current directors. Ruth recommended that MDDA also include info on whom to contact for more information on our sport.  It could also be linked to UMECRA, and to MDDA Board.  E.g. Tony included his bio, and couple of other mentors would be beneficial, from other areas.  This could improve visibility-it was recommended that each of us contact Marty Powers and talk with her re: length of time driving, types of things we do, etc.  It would serve as a source of info for interested parties.  More communication could improve memberships-we might also have our own mentor contacts on our MDDA site.  Ruth, Tim, Mary, and Lori volunteered to be mentors for prospective drivers.  We could help them get started and get them hooked up with ride managers and other folks (no pun intended).

Lori raised a question regarding rules, i.e. on Page 35, letter D. “Drivers must carry whip in hand at all times”.  She recommended we change it if we don’t follow it.  It will be necessary to work with board members first, then take the proposed rule change to UMECRA by fall of 2011.  Tony clarified that the breeching rule was approved by the Board, along with quick-hitch; blinders, bitless bridle and they will be in effect this year and will be voted on in Rockford.

Tony reported that the 2012 UMECRA Convention will be held on January 19-22 in Rockford at the Clocktower.  The event will celebrate UMECRA being 40 years old, and it will be more of a birthday celebration.  There will be extra entertainment, a silent auction, and also other freebies. Some donations will be solicited from DRAW and other associations and a donation from MDDA might also be possible.

Mary requested that Jac change her phone number to 608-564-2129.

Adjournment-Katz made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mary seconded it.  Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:43 PM.

Respectfully submitted by

Katz Jackson

April 11, 2011

Final approval April 20, 2011

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  • Katz Jackson


    Thanks for posting the minutes so promptly, and thanks for assistance with the old and new passwords, etc. One of these days soon I hope we can be not only reading about our driving, but also doing it in fine weather with no tornadoes or rain in the forecast. Happy Easter to all.


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