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2010 – October

Midwest Distance Driving Association (MDDA) Meeting
Wednesday, October 6, 2010
@ Gary & Katz Jackson’s Feather Ridge Farm, Marshall, WI
7:30 PM

1. Call to Order and Roll Call The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM following a wonderful dinner with entre provided by Jackson’s consisting of elk, dolphin, and smoked goose, along with potluck contributions of taco salad, cheese and crackers, a variety of salads, and homemade apple pie.  Members present included Gary & Katz Jackson, Jac Deweese, Wes Licht, Linda Low, Jack Shea, & Tony Troyer (by phone).

2. Update on Members’ Activities As stated in the agenda, members shared most recent personal updates during dinnertime.  It was great to hear from all and participation of members unable to attend was missed.  All are wished the best of health as we finish out this year.

3. Review and Approval of Minutes from August 2, 2010 Meeting via Conference Call The most recent meeting minutes were thought to be lost on Katz’s laptop computer due to a hard drive crash.  However, she did locate the rough draft on a flash drive and will plan to send draft minutes to all members for review, edit, and approval following the distribution of the current meeting’s minutes.

4. Treasurer’s Report Jack Shea distributed a copy of the most recent treasurer’s report for review.  The categories of General, Iron Oaks, and Glacier Trails, were itemized.  The total balance in the MDDA account was $5922.83 as of 8/31/2010.  The net income (expenses) for each was ($36.45), $30.17), and $922.69 respectively.  Expenses for Iron Oaks were somewhat inflated due to the higher costs of awards and prizes.  A good supply of both, including ribbons, will be available for future events.  The only expenses remaining for the year should be the year end awards, which will total about $700.  Wes moved to approve the treasurer’s report; Katz seconded it.  Motion passed.  All expressed their gratitude to Jack for his thorough bookkeeping and attention to detail in the report.

5. Annual Meeting Possible dates for the annual meeting and awards banquet were discussed.  The date of November 13 was proposed via recent emails, and it is a conflict for some folks.  Other dates were proposed, including November 6th, 7th, or 14th, perhaps in the afternoon.  Wes agreed to check on the availability of the McFarland Community Center for November 14th and to let us know by email.  We would like to get into the center at 12:00 noon, eat at 1:00 PM, then complete awards and perhaps have a special activity or program, and finish by 5:00 PM.   Tony suggested getting a speaker to address topics of conditioning, preparing for mileage, etc.  One possible individual is Joe Mattingly.  Tony agreed to make contact with Joe and will follow up with board members regarding his availability.  Other possible presenters included Jim Worthington and Heather Reynolds.  A presentation of half hour to forty-five minutes would be requested with a modest fee attached.

Wes and Linda agreed to pursue the awards and some of that could begin right away.  Rooky awards have traditionally included the embroidered denim shirts.  Jac will get the list together of people who should receive awards and get the process going by mid-October.  Jac recommended custom made cups for the Casserly’s to help celebrate their attendance at every MDDA event sponsored in 2010, along with high success rates with their pair of Arabian geldings.   A motion was made by Wes to proceed with the awards, including the cups, and seconded by Jac.  Motion passed.

It was also mentioned that Ruth and Tim will be featured in an upcoming article in Driving World.  Wes suggested highlighting Casserly’s in an article in Wisconsin Horseman’s News. On the note of articles, Jac recommended writing an article on processes used to transition Standardbred horses from race horses to distance driving horses.

6.  Review Iron Oak Decisions and Plans for Next Year The decision to offer Iron Oak as a one day only event on the Saturday before Easter was reviewed and confirmed to be a wise choice.  The areas of food, P/R takers, scribes, trails marking, clinic, etc. were discussed.  Susan Keating indicated earlier that she would be unavailable for parts of the day.  She might do food, but will also be driving.  Lori might take on food.  Roles would need to be discussed at future meetings and confirmed as the date draws nearer.

The question arose regarding limited distance (LD) again. It is totally different from competitive.  The rider must be a member of American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC). Thus far, Tony is the only member; he would be co-coordinator; he would handle sanctioning and scores; would have to use same distances, but might skip the 50 miler this year.  There would be a $5.00 per rider fee and an additional sanctioning fee, e.g. $40 at Iron Oaks and $170 for Glacier Trails this year.  Tony will assume responsibility for AERC. To have Tony helping will be worth it.  We didn’t have AERC sanctioning at Iron Oaks in 2010. Glacier Trails was AERC sanctioned.  Tony agreed to check on sanctioning fees and other start-up costs $40 for 50; $20 for 25?   Gary & Katz volunteered to work with Mary Clapper and will assume the lead responsibility on trail marking for Iron Oak.

Jack moved that ride/drive offerings for the one day Iron Oak event would include 25 mile Limited Distance, 25 mile Competitive, 12 mile Novice Ride, 6 & 12 mile Competitive Drive, and not 50 mile Competitive or Endurance.  Linda seconded the motion.  All were in favor and motion passed.  Tony thinks 8-10 riders would be possible-more do endurance for 50 miles, and not competitive for spring 2011.  We could perhaps do the endurance for 50 miles; (no more than 12 hours total,  with an average of 8 hrs., 10 at the most); perhaps not do this year due to sensitivity of date.  Tony will follow up with members on his findings regarding AERC.

The decision to not sponsor Glacier Trails was re-confirmed.  The letter to Elinor and Monna was written and Gary agreed to send it out this week.   He will send a copy to Wes for final review prior to sending it out.

7.  Review Workshop Format for Iron Oak The total offering for Iron Oak traditionally included a clinic/workshop.  Due to the one day format, the feasibility of offering a clinic was questioned.  Discussion took place regarding perhaps doing a clinic at a different time and location. Jac suggested joining up with Distance Riders Association of Wisconsin (DRAW) to jointly offer a clinic. Joseyln is the president of DRAW this year.  Gary & Katz will contact her regarding the possibility of a joint clinic.  If the response is negative, we can decide if we want our own classroom clinic. Additional discussion will follow, perhaps also including Ruth & Tim Casserly.  Our planning will depend largely on whether the clinic will be offered jointly or not.  Gary and Katz will notify members of the results of their discussion with Joselyn.

8.Discuss Website and Points for Points Chaser Jac is highly credited for all his efforts with the new website.  His new features are user friendly and the ability to include lots of photographs is a wonderful.  Jac would like more articles and requested members to submit more updates to him.

Point Chaser was discussed.  The decision to count or not count those results toward end of year MDDA awards and points needed to be made.  The location is north of Minneapolis, and the pros and cons were outlined.  Following discussion, Tony made a motion to include Point Chaser.  Jack seconded it and the motion passed.

9.Other The suggestion made by Katz of developing a safety inspection checklist was discussed, along with equipment usage.  The idea would be to seek consistency in checking individuals prior to their departure on the trails for their respective distance drives.  There is also a wide variety of equipment being used at this time, including blinkerless bridles, bitless bridles, and harnesses without britchen.   Tony added that he wants his horse to be able to eat while on the riding or driving trails in the longer distances, e.g. 25 miles.  The use of cavesons and carrying of the whip also sparked lively discussion, and prompted members to further pursue a review of our current rules and regulations, and to come to agreement on acceptable safety checks and equipment.  More will follow in upcoming emails after members review both our MDDA rules as well as national rules.

10.  Election of Officers for 2011 Current board members will need to decide if they would like to continue their roles-all were encouraged to do so.  The board currently consists of ten individuals, and generally that was thought to be a good number that shouldn’t be exceeded.  If some members do not continue, other possible members might include one of the Casserly’s, Glenn Garbisch, or Rick Nelson, in that order.  Mary Clapper, Susan Keating, and Lori Schoof would need to decide if they want to continue.  Wes will assist with the nominations.  Elections would take place at the upcoming Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet.

11.  Adjournment Wes made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:30 PM.  Jack seconded it.  Motion passed.   Items not discussed at this meeting would be postponed until the banquet or placed onto future agendas.  Email communications would continue to be carried out as needed to resolve questions that were not able to be resolved on this date.

Thanks were expressed to Gary & Katz for hosting the event.