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Saturday, Aug 29

Sunday, Aug 30


by Alice Hubert

Ray and I competed in the Rock River Charity Ride down in Utica, IL this past weekend.  We got there early enough on Friday to get a shady campsite.  This is probably the most technically challenging course, with a long stretch of tight corners.  There are a few trees with new scrape marks where my hubs clipped the tree.  There is also a ravine with three switch backs. One challenge with this was making sure there weren’t any riders in the switchback, because Lil Kay tends to run up hills, and she would not be happy having to stop half way up one of those steep inclines.  Our top speed on Saturday was 24 mph, and I am pretty sure it was when she was charging up one of these inclines.

The “Three Mile Loop” section was a nice wide path around a prairie.  Lil Kay liked this section because she could trot to her hearts content.  On Sunday, a couple of people were at the remote control airplane field, flying some planes.  Lil Kay was a bit concerned, because these sounded like very large horse flies.  But after she watched them for a few minutes, she lost interest.

Loki did very well this weekend.  He is still a handful to harness and hitch, but once hitched, he settles down.  He did very well with the whole course, except the water crossing at the start of the trail.  He would stop just before it, then launch himself over it.

The course was a short 15 miles, so Ray and I finished early both days.  Lil Kay and I lost 40 points on Saturday because she was upset that Loki wasn’t with her, and she wouldn’t let the vets pick up her back legs.  In the pasture, she tends to attack him, but here, he was her best buddy.

There was a huge apple tree along the road into camp. That thing had to be at least 50 feet tall, and the trunk was about three feet wide. Ray took a picture of his foot to give you a perspective on how wide the trunk was.  You don’t see many apple trees that large these days.