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Louise Riedel Memorial


Saturday, Aug 8

Sunday, Aug 9


By Alice Hubert

Ray and I participated in the Louise Reidel Memorial Ride and Drive this past weekend up in Arkdale, WI near Necedah.   This was Loki’s first competition, and he did pretty darn good.   He handled all the chaos of the event; there were more than 80 other horses there.  Lil Kay won’t give Loki the time of day and often attacks him in the pasture, but at this event, she got upset anytime she was separated from him.

Ray was very proud of how well Loki did.  Loki is still a bit of a handful for harnessing, but once he is hitched, he settles down. During our pre-drive vet check, one of the vets commented that Loki “moves wide and weirdly.”  Poor Loki had to put up with me trying to trot him out because Ray had twisted his knee.

We were blessed with good weather.  It was cloudy all day on Saturday, and most of the day on Sunday.  Friday morning Arkdale had two inches of rain which washed out part of the driving trail, so they re-routed us.  But overall, the trails were in excellent shape.  They are very nice trails, with a mix of woods, sand roads, and open meadows.  The re-routed driving trail had few hills, but plenty of curves to test ones’ technical skills.

There were seven drivers on Saturday!!!  It was great to see so many out there having a good time.