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We’re glad you stopped by to visit our website on distance driving. Perhaps you’ve just discovered MDDA and want to learn more about just what we do. Perhaps you’ve come to check the schedule to see when and where competitive drives are being held or check the results of past drives. Or perhaps you are just interested in looking at some photographs of our horses and drivers at the various competitions. Whatever the reason, thanks for browsing and drop us a line if we can answer any questions or be of service to you.

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Future Events

Go the Distance Clinic

The Go The Distance Clinic was held on April 25 at Feather Ridge Farm.

Katz Jackson, co-owner of Feather Ridge Farm, provided a very welcoming atmosphere and MDDA members were available to present and provide mentoring for the participants.

I don’t have a list of participants but there were 11 or 12 that we welcomed to the sport of distance driving.  Each participant will receive basic membership in MDDA and UMECRA.

We welcome you to the sport.

Thanks to everyone for your respective role in making our MDDA distance driving clinic yesterday here at Feather Ridge Farm a fine success.  From our conference call back during the Super Bowl to yesterday, so many great ideas and plans were exchanged and set forth.  As it turned out, Gary was not able to join us, but he did many preparatory things to help us get ready.  Jac’s trip here in mid-March with Marguerite to check out possible routes and all was most appreciated and the marketing we did resulted in a good number of participants, and several of us heard from those who wanted to come, but were unable due to other conflicts.  April is a busy month, after all.  We knew from the start that we could not rein in “Mother Nature” and planned accordingly.  I personally am so very glad that Gary and Jac had a run around the farm in March to check out potential routes, then Gary and I did more runs to check out possible combinations of trails, and finally, after I introduced Tim to the farm parameters, he and Wes decided on the run for the day, which resulted in safe travels for all clinic participants.  Rain does make a difference!

Special thanks to Tim Casserly and Wes Licht for coming Friday to help set up and also mark trails, and to Larry and Mary Clapper, Ray and Alice Hubert, and Tim Casserly, along with Sharon Hahn, to stay the night and be ready to get final preparations in order nice and early for Saturday.  Many thanks to Jane Licht for coming on Saturday to take photos, too!  Our agenda for the clinic day was interesting and informative, with varied topics, well-paced, thanks to our MC Ray Hubert, and morning presenters, Tim Casserly, Mary Clapper, Tony Troyer, Susan Keating, and Dr. Wes Elford for their individual presentations.  Dr. Wes was such a compliment to our program!  How can we thank him enough?

The morning presentations with so much expertise and knowledge to share set a perfect stage for the afternoon hands-on sections, complete with real vet checks, including those darned “trot outs”, P & R, and all, using real score sheets, and a simulated drive with an experienced MDDA driver mentor.  Then after driving the marked trail with time out and in, there was the post-drive vet check.  Our chili with fixins, and home-made desserts were the perfect way to transition from morning to afternoon sessions.  Thanks to Tim for making the chili and for all who contributed delectable desserts.  Perfect menu for the day!

What a variety of driving horses the afternoon provided!  From Mary and Larry Clapper’s very SMALL mini, “Thunder”,  to Jim and Kristi Slovik’s very TALL first-time-off-the-farm American Saddlebred, “Sparky”, we enjoyed pretty much the range of driving horses that might be found out on the distance driving trails.  We also had Arabians, Haflingers, Morab, Morgans, and pretty much only missed having a mule. Miles on the trail away from “home” ranged from zero to well over a thousand.  When scores were tallied, we even had ribbons in first through sixth place, thanks to Jac, along with our favorite MDDA cups for follow-up awards for all participants.

I would like to personally thank Jac Deweese for his essential role as our MDDA webmaster and participant in making this clinic a success.  He had some issues with his cart and that little stinker, “Scooter” couldn’t understand why he had to wait so long to get going, so they didn’t get to finish exactly as planned, but their contributions to the whole event are invaluable, and now we can hope for many great drives around our personal properties, our great state and local parks, and our neighbors who are willing to share their trails.

I look forward to seeing Jane and Jac’s photos, and I have a very few from our rather lame camera.  Thanks again to all, and looking forward to seeing you on the trails,



Additional photos by Jane Licht

2015 clinic

[img src=]220Entrance to clinic
[img src=]211Arriving and parking
[img src=]210Unloading
[img src=]130Settling in
[img src=]150Registration
[img src=]120Gathering for the meeting
[img src=]150Overview of meeting room
[img src=]130Attendees
[img src=]120Attendees
[img src=]130Ray and Katz welcome the participants
[img src=]100Tim talks about horse, carriage and harness requirements
[img src=]110Tony introduces the rules
[img src=]110Mary describes her spares kit
[img src=]110Susan discusses preparation of horse and driver
[img src=]100Dr. Wes describes what the vet looks for and shares some insights
[img src=]80Lunch break
[img src=]80Tim explains trail markings
[img src=]110Confidence ribbon
[img src=]100Demonstrating measuring pulse
[img src=]110Demonstrating checking respiration
[img src=]90Checking legs for filling, heat and pain
[img src=]100checking muscle soreness
[img src=]110Demonstrating a proper trot out
[img src=]100mentor and participant on the trail
[img src=]90mentor and participant on the trail
[img src=]90Jeanne with time card waits for vet check
[img src=]90mentor and participant on the trail
[img src=]90waiting for vet check
[img src=]80mentor and participant on the trail
[img src=]100mentor and participant on the trail
[img src=]100mentor and participant on the trail
[img src=]100mentor and participant on the traill
[img src=]80mentoring on the trail
[img src=]100mentoring on the trail
[img src=]110mentoring on the trail
[img src=]80mentoring on the trail
[img src=]100Tony clarifies score sheet
[img src=]70mentoring on the trail
[img src=]100Picking up time card
[img src=]140Removing the harness

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