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Glacier Trails


Saturday, May 9

Sunday, May 10


by Alice Hubert

This past weekend was the Glacier Trails competitive trail drive at the Southern Kettle Moraine at Palmyra.  It was a bit damp Friday afternoon, but Saturday was quite nice.   The trail was as rocky as ever.  It appears that the State has been doing some tree harvesting, because there were a lot of sawed trees and trimmed branches lying around.  A rider came back into camp early on Saturday to report that a tree was down across the trail, and that drivers wouldn’t be able to get through.  Tim was sent out first because he carries tree and branch trimming equipment in his wagon.  There were also a lot of recreational trail riders who, for the most part, managed their horses very well, and had no trouble with the carts.

Sunday was drizzly, but not a washout.  To try and prevent getting 22 time penalty points like I did on Saturday, I delayed my start for about ten minutes.  I also continued past the turn around point for a half mile or so to use up more time.  It worked, because I only had 3 time penalty points. ?

Katz, ride management hadn’t calculated time penalty points before you left, so you are in second place, instead of third like you thought.  Bring your award to ApDRA in June, and we can switch. ?