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by Alice Hubert

This past weekend was the Bonecrusher competition.  This even is so named because the couple who manage the event are chiropractors.  It didn’t rain, but it was very hot and humid.  Saturday had heat indexes in the upper 90s.  This took a toll on everyone, two legged or four legged.  Sunday was a bit cooler and drier, but still had temps in the mid-80s.  There were a lot of pulse and respiration scores which were double what they normally were.

This course was a solid 14 miles both days, and ride management made sure there was water every few miles.  The deer flies were vicious, and hung in clouds throughout the course.  There had been storms through the area in the past few weeks, and there were a lot of branches down across the trail.  In a couple of places you had to pass through a curtain of branches which were hanging down.  Lil Kay wasn’t so sure about this, but after a good long stare, she went through.   The rocks on this trail seemed bigger and the sandy areas seemed to be deeper than in the past.  There were several places where you had to slow down to a walk to negotiate through and over gullies which were carved into the trail from storm run-off.

Wildlife was in abundance.  We saw deer, turkeys, sandhill cranes, frogs, etc. on the trail both days.


By Alice Hubert

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