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Mosquito Run


Saturday, Jul 12


Sunday, Jul 13




by Alice Hubert

Ray and I went to Mosquito Run in Rogers, MN this past weekend.  Beautiful trails and the weather cooperated.  It had rained pretty heavily the week before, so there were quite a few big puddles on the trail.  The mosquitoes were actually not that bad;  no worse than WI.  Lil Kay did her first natural water crossing without another horse to lead her across.  I don’t think this water crossing was normally there, but it was a nice little flowing brook, about one foot wide across the trail.  We followed a deer along the trail at one point, and a turkey at another spot.  In the mornings and evenings, you could hear loons not too far away.

Ride Management did a great job of fitting a lot of horse trailers in a small space.  There were at least 60 horses at this event.

Additional comments:

Just a quick note on the trails at Mosquito Run. They were excellent for driving. The footing was firm, coarse sand or loamy soil. Most of them were wide enough for two vehicles to pass. Some areas in the woods were a bit narrower and there were a few “technical” spots where there were gullies and washouts across the trail, but all were passable. There were stretches of wet sand and mud, but the wheels never sunk in more than four inches. Other than the technical spots, the entire trail could be done at a trot with no trouble. This park is close to the Twin Cities, so there were a lot of day riders and hikers.
Ride management did an excellent job of marking the trails, and provided maps. Sharon Hahn mentioned that there was one section of the driving trail that is a bit boggy, and she re-routed the drivers around that because it was extremely muddy and had standing water.