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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Last First Horse Place15 Miles15 Pts15
Casserly Tim Auran Bachlava (Arab) 1 20 8.8
Casserly Tim Auran Harley Dvdsn (Arab) 1 20 8.8
Hahn Sharon My Cameo Love (Arab) 1 20 8.8

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Last First Horse Place16 Miles16 Pts16
Casserly Tim Auran Bachlava (Arab) 1 10 4.4
Casserly Tim Auran Harley Dvdsn (Arab) 1 10 4.4
Hahn Sharon My Cameo Love (Arab) 1 10 4.4

from Ruth Casserly

Saturday was a great day, not too hot, not too humid, not too buggy. I groomed for Tim and wore my Branch Manager hat, I entertained myself lopping off low hanging branches along the trail. At the trot. Tim brought along the chainsaw and actually used it once! Not at the trot. There were a lot of trail riders out on Saturday, so there was a substantial amount of stopping and waiting for them to coax their horses past us. Several of them followed us for a bit to acclimate their horses to carts.

Sunday was rainy, unfortunately. Beth Leecy has been looking forward to grooming for Tim and fortunately for me, Sunday was her day!  I sat under the pavilion while Beth rode with Tim and got soaked.

Sorry, no photos from this event.