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AHA National


Friday, Oct 26


Last First Horse Place29 Miles29 Pts29
Troyer Tony El Minstrel (Magic) 1 25 11
Mowrer Aaron Arazi (Half Arab) 1 12.5 5.5


A note from Ruth Casserly

Aaron Mowrer and Tony headed out this morning at 10:30 and 11:00. Aaron was driving Rick Nelson’s easy-entry/meadowbrook type cart and Tony was driving Jac’s prototype independent suspension cart.  Aaron’s Razi really liked that meadowbrook cart- made the loop in way-too-fast time. Aaron had a good time- did the 12.5 mile, single loop.  Tony, on the other hand, had issues.  About 3 miles out, he broke the seat off Jac’s cart. He said he spent about an hour out on the trail screwing around with it, when Aaron came upon him and loaded up the seat and brought it back to camp.  Tony drove the rest of the first loop (9 miles or so) Roman chariot style.  He was a hurting dog by the time he made it back to camp.  Since he planned a double loop, he used Rick’s cart for his 2nd loop (since Aaron was done with it).  Talk about bringing spares along!

Some very interesting pictures