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We’re glad you stopped by to visit our website on distance driving. Perhaps you’ve just discovered MDDA and want to learn more about just what we do. Perhaps you’ve come to check the schedule to see when and where competitive drives are being held or check the results of past drives. Or perhaps you are just interested in looking at some photographs of our horses and drivers at the various competitions. Whatever the reason, thanks for browsing and drop us a line if we can answer any questions or be of service to you.

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Future Events

Annual Meeting

MDDA Annual Awards Meeting

A small but enthusiastic group met at the McFarland Center in McFarland, WI, on December 2, 2012 for our annual meeting, great socializing and, of course, the presentation of awards.

Members present:  Ruth and Tim Casserly, Ray and Alice Hubert, Jac and Marguerite Deweese, Tony Troyer, Carol Dilbeck, Gary and Katz Jackson, Terri Delke, Glenn and Sue Garrbisch

We all missed Jack and Luann Shea, but praised God for Jack’s astounding recovery.  We all look forward to having him with us next year.

After setting up the room, socializing and enjoying the great food (potluck) brought by the members we settled in to listen to our guest speaker, Susan Koos-Acker, Executive Director of American Driving Society and Newsletter Editor of Dairyland Driving Club.

Topic of discussion was how to attract more members to MDDA. Susie estimated that 30% of ADS members compete, and 60% are recreational.

What attracted her to attend her first MDDA Event, 2 years ago at Blackhawk Park

  • Low entry fee,
  • Close to home
  • Could use her training equipment, didn’t need fancy harness or cart
  • Knew there were other drivers who could help

What impressed her about the event:   Everyone was encouraging, she won second place, and
had fun!

Suggestions for ways to attract new members

  • Buy an ad in Dairyland Driving Club newsletter ($160 for full page ad)
  • Buy an ad in The Hub Club newsletter
  • The ADS is looking for a Webinar topic, put together a guest speaker and discussion
  • Take horses to other driving event to show how versatile they are
  • HDT (Horse Driving Trial) Obstacles, Dressage, and Cones in a large 40×80 meter outdoor arena
  • ADT (Arena Driving Trial) Obstacles, Dressage, and Cones fit into an indoor arena
  • “The Whip” Hours to Drive program; keep track of hours driving, and can win prizes at the end
  • of the year.

Her closing wisdom:  “Any day you can reuse your equipment is a good day of driving.

We then proceeded to our business meeting where:

Ruth and Tim Casserly agreed to be managers for Iron Oak 2013. Thanks, Tim and Ruth!

Revised Membership fees were adopted:

Category Current Amount New Amount Newsletter Format
Single $30 $40 Digital
Family $45 $60 Digital
Single $40 $50 Hardcopy
Family $55 $70 Hardcopy

Proposed Rule Change:

This rule change would allow 15 minutes recovery time after a competitive drive for both singles and pairs.   Currently singles get 10 minutes, and pairs get 15.

The proposed rule change will be voted on at the UMECRA Annual Meeting at Olympia Resort, Oconomowoc, January 18-20, 2013.

Arabian Horse Association National Ride:

The AHA is considering having an open driving event one day at their National Ride October 21-24, 2013 in Chandlerville, IL (near Springfield).  The drive would be on Friday, when there are no rides scheduled.   In preparation of this event, MDDA has submitted proposed driving rules to AHA (Arabian Horse Association) to try and get national rules for all events.

Driving Games:

Jac DeWeese presented a proposal on a fun day of driving, possibly called “Driving Games.”  This event would be for fun, and provide a way to attract more people to driving.  MDDA Members were asked to check their calendars for possible open weekends in which to host the event.  Events could include things such as an obstacle course, cones course, “Gamblers Choice,” ½-mile trot, set your time (walk or trot,) or cross country courses.   Participants could be charged $5 per event, and costs would be limited to prizes and insurance.   This would be a fair weather only event, as it is intended to be fun.  MDDA members would be encouraged to volunteer, but we would also try to make sure members had a chance to participate in a few events.

Tim Casserly moved and Gary Jackson seconded having the Jack Shea family as honorary members for 2013.  Motion carried unanimously

With business out of the way, we proceeded to the presentation of Awards:

2012 Awards:

  • Pairs Champion – Tim Casserly with Auran Bachlava and Auran HarleyDvdsn (aka Bach and Harley)
  • Singles Champion – Ray Hubert with Penguin Beware
  • Single Reserve Champion – Tony Troyer with Heart of Valperaiso
  • Singles Third Place – Sharon Hahn with My Cameo Love (also Rookie of the Year)
  • Singles LD Champion – Alice Hubert with Goodnight Starship
  • Singles LD Reserve Champion – Jack Shea with Tiger
  • 500 Mile Horse(s) – Bach and Harley
  • High Mileage for the Year – Bach and Harley, 274 miles
  • Stump Finder Award – Ray Hubert
  • Most Creative Trail Repair – Tony Troyer

With that we put the room back the way we found it, gathered any remaining food, wished each other a great holiday season and headed home.

It may have been a small group, but it made up for numbers with friendly enthusiasm.

2012 Annual Mtg

[img src=]40Susan Koos-Acker addresses the group
[img src=]30Susan talks to the group
[img src=]30Attendees listening to Susan
[img src=]20Jac listens to Susan
[img src=]20Jac and Marguerite enjoy someone's comment
[img src=]30Tim and Ruth Casserly accepting their Champion Pair awards
[img src=]20Ray Hubert accepting Champion Single award
[img src=]20Tony Troyer accepting Reserve Champion Single award
[img src=]20Ruth accepts Sharon Hahn's 3rd place and 'Rookie of the Year' award
[img src=]00Jac accepts Jack Shea's LD Reserve Champion award
[img src=]00Tim and Ruth accept 500 Mile award for Bach and Harley
[img src=]00Tim and Ruth accept 'High Mileage' award for 2012
[img src=]00Ray Hubert accepts 'Stump Finder Award' from Tony Troyer
[img src=]10Tony Troyer accepts 'Most Creative Trail Repair' award from Alice Hubert

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