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Zumbro Bottom

Saturday, Jul 23, 2011

Last First Horse Place Miles Pts
Hubert Ray Penguin Beware (Standardbred) 1 10 4.4
Hubert Alice Pistol Pete (Standardbred) 2 10 4

Sunday, Jul 24, 2011

Last First Horse Place Miles Pts
Hubert Ray Penguin Beware (Standardbred) 1 10 4.4
Hubert Alice Pistol Pete (Standardbred) 2 10 4

Brief note on the ride

by Alice Hubert

Greetings all,
Ray and I went to Zumbro Bottoms, MN this weekend for a drive.  Zumbro is about eight miles west of Wabasha.  The weather wasn’t perfect, but it was better than expected.  Saturday afternoon there was a series of thunderstorms that went through just minutes after we finished the trail drive.

Most of the trail is an old railroad bed, but other parts were hilly.  There were stretches with sand, mud, rocks, and at one point, (“Along the River”) there was about 18 inches between the rocky trail and a six foot drop into the fast moving river.  The pictures which begin with ZBB are ones taken by the event photographer.

It was a ten mile drive; Ray took first and I took second both Saturday and Sunday.  We were quite proud of “the boys.”  There weren’t any other drivers, so that helped our placing.  And I am especially proud of Pistol Pete.  He finally did a nice trot out for the vets after the drive on Sunday.  Saturday his trot out was so bad I lost 80 points just because of that.  Pete and Penguin’s pulse and respirations were excellent after the drive, so next year we will suggest that they shorten the time allowed so as to work the boys a bit more.

We thanked the ride manager, Barry, for putting on a successful event.  As you may recall, MN was shut down until Thursday of last week, so Barry had very little time on Friday to get out and clear and mark the trails.


5 comments to Zumbro Bottom

  • Linda Hammersmith

    That river was mighty close. Were the bugs bothersome? Your steady and true steeds carried you through, brave souls.

    Linda Hammersmith

  • Thanks for sharing – awesome photos! Good job on the finish. Glenn & Sue

  • Suze

    Alice & Ray,
    Did your carts come with those wheels I see in Zumbro drive photos?

  • Susan

    Ray and Alice’s driving at Zumbro sounds challenging, exhilerating and more technical than not. Congratulations on getting the job done. Thanks for sharing.

  • Katz Jackson

    So glad to hear that Alice and Ray were able to attend, and congratulations on mastering the tricky turns and terrain. The drop-off potential into the river gave me goosebumps just reading about it. Hope to see more folks at upcoming drives and we look forward to seeing the photos.

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