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Glacier Trails

Glacier Trails Glacier Trails
Last First Horse Place Miles Pts Place Miles Pts
Licht Wes Ranger (Morab) 1 12 5.28
Arney LuAnne Sammy (Mule) 1 12 5.28
Arney LuAnne Sidney (Mule) 1 12 5.28
Jackson Katz Talon (Morgan) 2 12 4.8
Shea John Kim (Canadian) 3 12 4.32
Houk Roger Jazz (Morab) 4 12 3.84
Licht Wes Annie (Morab) 1 12 5.28

Glacier Trails 2008

By Jac Deweese

The Glacier Trails event saw a total of 80 participants this year.  We were blessed with excellent weather on Saturday but the forecast for Sunday sent a number of potential participants home.

53 riders were on the trail when the 5 drivers started at noon on Saturday.  The drivers included Roger Houk with Jazz, Jack Shea with Kim, Wes Licht with Ranger, Katz Jackson with Talon and LuAnne Arney with her pair of mules Sidney and Sammy.  The drivers were given an hour and 45 minutes to complete the 12 mile course.  The rocky terrain combined with meeting a large number of riders made the time difficult to achieve.

In spite of the challenges all 5 participants completed the drive.  To finish is to win!

The order of finish for singles was:

Wes Licht and Ranger (Morab)

Katz Jackson and Talon (Morgan)

Jack Shea and Kim (Canadian)

Roger Houk and Jazz (Morab)

One pair competed:

LuAnne Arney with Sidney and Sammy (Mules)

A sixth driver, Glenn Garbisch decided to skip the competition when his horse showed some evidence of lameness.  Although not bad enough for the vets to pull, Glenn opted to not take any chances.  After returning home he had his horse thoroughly checked and x-rayed with the conclusion that there was nothing wrong.  Apparently Junior just has a hitch in his gait that can be interpreted as an indicator of lameness.  This is not a totally unknown condition and it is necessary to educate the veterinaries to this condition.  Several riders have gone through similar experiences with gaited horses or horses that also have an unusual ‘hitch’ to their gait.  It will probably be necessary for Glenn to call attention to this condition at the pre-drive vet check.

Sunday was cold with a steady drizzle.  Many riders opted to go home Saturday night and a couple that planned to ride on Sunday decided to stay in camp.  Still we had 21 riders and one driver compete.  In spite of the nasty weather spirits were high and the two junior competitors on their ponies Poncho and Captain Thunderpants were especially enthusiastic.

Wes Licht with his horse Anniversary Annie was the only driver to compete.  They easily completed the 12 miles in 2 hours.  The score of 388 was evidence that the weather was certainly not a hindrance to Annie.  We congratulate Wes on his willingness to compete in less than ideal conditions

Monna Radtke and Elinore Tonsor manage the event.  Veterinaries  were Dr. Marnie Gamm, Dr. Sabrina Brounts and Dr. LuAnne Arney.  MDDA sponsors the event and provided Wes Licht, Jac Deweese, and Jack Shea to time and scribe, while Roger and Dana Houk were responsible for the food.  Photos were taken by Jane Licht.