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We’re glad you stopped by to visit our website on distance driving. Perhaps you’ve just discovered MDDA and want to learn more about just what we do. Perhaps you’ve come to check the schedule to see when and where competitive drives are being held or check the results of past drives. Or perhaps you are just interested in looking at some photographs of our horses and drivers at the various competitions. Whatever the reason, thanks for browsing and drop us a line if we can answer any questions or be of service to you.

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Singles – 12 mile – Sunday June 4

Place Driver Horse Points
1 Wes Licht Annie (Morab) 365
2 Gary Jackson Horus (Morgan) 347
3 Bruce Thayer Dayo (Morgan) 345
4 Katz Jackson Talon (Morgan) 337
5 Raven Fisher Domminic (American Warmblood) 306
6 Jac Deweese Cake (Arab) 297
C Charles Kranz Spencer (Morgan) 292
C Jack Shea Lee (Canadian) 253

ApDRA 2006

By Jac Deweese

This year ApDRA was hosting the National Appaloosa Horse Endurance event and my daughter Michelle and I had offered to help. We arrived on Friday evening and were lucky to find a camping spot in Horseman’s campground.

After settling in we reported to Dawn and Jim Haas who were the organizers. Elinore Tonsor had been drafted as the manager so that Dawn could ride her big App in the 50 mile ride on Saturday. Elinore assigned us to timing at the 1st and 3rd checks. We were kept busy with about 35 riders in the 50 mile and another 15 in the 25 mile Limited Distance ride. We had a ball and got better aquatinted with more of the riders.

The Appaloosa folks went all out to put on a first class event and everyone seemed to enjoy the day. It was a real pleasure to see Dawn Haas win the 50 mile event and then also win the Best Condition award in the Appaloosa class.

While we were away from camp my horse, Cake, decided to try to roll in his steel panel corral. This was not a good idea and he got himself caught up in the panels and had multiple contusions on his hind legs. Thankfully the folks in camp were able to free him and although his leg was tender to the touch he proved sound for the drive on Sunday.

Sunday morning came and Dawn kept asking if I knew of any more drivers who would come. I was pretty sure of at least 2, Bruce Thayer and Wes Licht, but hadn’t heard from any others. Kept my fingers crossed that more would arrive because it was a beautiful day and I really hoped we would have a respectable turn out.

Then folks started to roll in. Bruce Thayer had gotten started a 3AM and was the first to arrive, followed shortly by Wes Licht and Jack Shea. Gary and Katz Jackson pulled in and then Raven Fisher. We were just about to have our driver meeting when Jim Clay came in, unfortunately one of his pair was lame and he wasn’t permitted to drive. He did manage to get in some riding and so the day wasn’t a complete loss.

Since we were the 1st out we weren’t aware that Charles Kranz had come and was in time to drive.

We ended up with a fine group of 8 drivers.

Those of you who have driven at Palmyra will know that the 1st two miles has some challenging, rocky trail. This area was made worse by some very heavy 3 inch rains in the prior week. Cake, who is not yet a strong horse, working in a breast collar and pulling two people found the hills very challenging.

We took the first two miles very slowly and were shortly passed by Bruce Thayer and Dayo. Once we cleared the 1st two miles the trail was much better and we proceeded to trot with a degree of regularity. Michelle was much more comfortable as a passenger than she had been at Glacier Trails and she enjoyed noting the difference between Cake and Scooter.

We met several different groups of riders and their horses varied dramatically in their reaction to the cart. Most accepted the cart with a certain degree of concern. Some expressed no concern at all and still others were very frightened. At one point we left the trail and went into a meadow to allow a horse and rider to pass.

We were approaching the one hour point and still hadn’t reached the turn around, but we were sure we were getting close and very soon we met Bruce coming back. He told us we were close and almost immediately we saw the piles of cut timber which were near the turn around.

We had just turned and started trotting back when I noticed that Cake was nodding his head as if he were going lame. We immediately slowed to a walk. We soon met Gary Jackson and Horus, and quickly we met the remaining drivers, Katz Jackson and Talon, Jack Shea, his daugher Megan and their horse Lee, Raven Fisher and Domminic, Wes Licht and Annie, and Chuck Kranz and Spencer.

It turned out that Jack Shea was involved with a rescue on the return trip. A trail rider (not a competitor) had lost control of his horse when his bridle broke. Jack with the aid of his daughter Megan was able to provide a halter and rope so they could bring the horse back under control. As a result of this effort Jack was just barely able to complete the drive within the time window which allows up to an hour beyond the ideal time. Jack was recognized for his effort at the awards presentation and all agreed that he exemplified the spirit of both UMECRA and MDDA. Safety and assistance in time of need are highly prized by our members.

After walking for a couple of miles, Cake offered to trot and we discovered that he no longer had any indication of a limp. We had already lost a lot of time and we still had the stony hills at the end but I felt we should at least be able to finish within the allowed time.

Cake was now finding the hills very tough and a couple of times we were forced to have Michelle dismount in order to make it up a hill.

It was 12:53 when we finally arrived at the finish, 33 minutes beyond our window but certainly early enough to qualify for a finish.

Cake’s pulse was 14 and his respiration was at 11. Well beyond what we were used to seeing, but the day was warm and the load pretty heavy. His trot out was terrible, not because of his unwillingness, but rather because I tried to change his routine. My fault entirely. His legs were actually better than when he vetted in.

We were fortunate to be able to compete after the accident of the previous day and I was relieved to find that he had not suffered further injury from the drive.

It was great to see so many drivers participate and the rider’s were ready with applause and whistles as the awards were presented.

I had brought my camera, but I completely forgot about it until after the awards. Casi was taking pictures and we’ll link to her web site if and when she posts her pictures.

Hope to see you at a future event.

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