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We’re glad you stopped by to visit our website on distance driving. Perhaps you’ve just discovered MDDA and want to learn more about just what we do. Perhaps you’ve come to check the schedule to see when and where competitive drives are being held or check the results of past drives. Or perhaps you are just interested in looking at some photographs of our horses and drivers at the various competitions. Whatever the reason, thanks for browsing and drop us a line if we can answer any questions or be of service to you.

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Future Events

Glacier Trails

Glacier Trails 2005
10 Mile Drivers-Single
1st – Gary Jackson with Horus (Morgan) 390
2nd – Larry Schultz with Addiyr (Arab) 386
3rd – Jacque Deweese with Scooter (Morgan) 385
3rd – Janise Ethington with Rokiclo’s Waylla (Fjord) 385
5th – Paul Wasielewski with Baby Dude (Quarter-cross) 380
6th – James Clay with Scarlet (POA) 379
6th – Wes Licht with Anniversary Annie (Morab) 379
Deb Dixon with Magic (Quarter-cross) 377
Randy Rudstrom with Buddy (Standardbred) 375
Roger Houk with Jazz (Morab) 357
Sunday’s 20 Mile Drive
1st – Wes Licht with Lena Su Lady Hawk (Morab) 395
2nd – Randy Rudstrom with Buddy (Standardbred) 376
3rd – Fay Van Camp with Missy (Grade) 375
4th  – James Clay with Pepe (POA) 349

By Jane Licht

The best way to describe the recent Glacier Trails Distance Ride and Drive event sponsored by Midwest Distance Driving Association is to say that it was “exciting and unusual.”  Ride managers Romona Radtke and Elinore Tonsor planned a complicated event that resulted in an extremely busy weekend.  With all of the various competitions, including limited distance, competitive riding, ten and twenty-mile competitive drives, and even a 100-mile endurance race, no wonder they felt pulled from one activity, horse and rider/driver to the next until they would surely break into little pieces.

And then there was the weather.  Many participants arrived Friday evening and vetted in without incident and in cool but reasonable weather.  Saturday began well.  The brisk temperatures were fine for the equine athletes still sporting a fair amount of winter coat.  Then, midway through the driver’s ten-mile competitive drive, the sky opened and rain and hail beat down upon person and beast without mercy.

Wes Licht mentioned that his young mare Annie stood well during the pelting as he hurriedly put on his rain gear out on the trail.  Unfortunately, he put his yellow plastic trousers on backwards and they kept falling down when he was unhitching later on.  Raven Fisher’s horse Dominic was at wit’s end over the harsh rain and hail that came down in horizontal sheets and did not want to stand for the vet.  Several people waited for vet checks with their horses under the shelter house or the tent that had been set up in order to avoid the downpour.

Gary Jackson had just reached the trailer when the rain started and both he and wife Katz got soaked attending to Horus, their Morgan stallion, before getting into their rain gear. Soon the rain stopped and P&R’s and vetting resumed as usual for this hardy group of horse people.

At the awards ceremony on Saturday, the Jacksons were pleased to learn that Horus racked up the most points in the ten mile distance drive and Gary proudly received a first place ribbon for his efforts.  Larry Schultz won second with his Arab gelding, Addiyr, with a point better than Jac Deweese and Jan Ethington who tied for third place.

The potluck supper was well-received and featured an especially good assortment of desserts, including a cake in honor of Kathy Shauer’s horse, SW Mananya, who achieved the 1000-mile mark.

After supper and clean-up, the weary participants and volunteers tried to get some sleep.  However, most of the camp was awakened about 11:45 PM by loud hooting and hollering.  The first of the 100-mile riders had finished her grueling ride and was celebrating this remarkable accomplishment.  It was Lori Windows and Nelly’s Thunder, with a ride time of 15:65.  About 40 minutes later, other “hundred milers” reached camp and joined in the noise-making.  The last 100 miler crossed the finish line at 1:30 AM.  By the time they reached the finish line, memories of frigid wind, rain and hail in their faces were long gone, replaced by a tremendous feeling of accomplishment and pride.  Their horses all had good trot-outs and were certified for completion.  Thanks to the ride managers and vets who stayed up to check them in.

Sunday was a new day.  Though the early morning was cold and cloudy, it was precipitation free and the sun even broke through later on.  Eleven drivers competed in the ten-mile drive and on Sunday, only four competed in the twenty-mile drive.  This was to be expected since many horses are not ready for the longer driving distances this early in the year.  Wes Licht switched to using his veteran horse, Lena Su Ladyhawk, and they won first place at the 20 mile distance.  Randy Rudstrom edged Fay Van Camp for second place.  Jim Clay used his POA named Pepe on Saturday and placed 4th.

At the awards ceremony, Romona Radtke recognized the many volunteers, such as Connie Gray for planning the trails and marking them, along with her crew, Dawn Haas and Chuck and Nancy Melcher.  She also thanked Pauline Stollenwerk who registered most of the competitors; Gail Gutzman and Devin Biggs, who scribed for the vets; Marguerite Deweese and Dana Houk who organized food for volunteers and the pot-luck supper; Roger Houk for timing and the team of veterinarians, Dr. Howard Ketover, Dr Alex McSloy, Dr. Joe Morgan and Dr. Jay Triick. Mary Alice Ruckwardt, JoEllen Rubach and Jacque Deweese helped with ambulance driving, timing and scoring. However, the A-number-one top volunteers were definitely ride managers Elinore and Romona, who must have been totally exhausted at the end of the event.


Saturday 10 Mile Drive
Gary Jackson with Horus (Morgan) 390 –First Place
Larry Schultz with Addiyr (Arab) 386 – Second Place
Jacque Deweese with Scooter (Morgan) 385 – Tie for Third
Janise Ethington with Rokiclo’s Waylla (Fjord) 385 – Tie for Third
Paul Wasielewski with Baby Dude (Quarter-cross) 380 – Fifth Place
James Clay with Scarlet (POA) 379 – Tie for Sixth
Wes Licht with Anniversary Annie (Morab) 379 – Tie for Sixth
Deb Dixon with Magic (Quarter-cross) 377
Randy Rudstrom with Buddy (Standardbred) 375
Roger Houk with Jazz (Morab) 357

Sunday’s 20 Mile Drive
Wes Licht with Lena Su Lady Hawk (Morab) 395 – First Place
Randy Rudstrom with Buddy (Standardbred) 376 – Second Place
Fay Van Camp with Missy (Grade) 375 – Third Place
James Clay with Pepe (POA) 349 – Fourth Place

2005 GT

[img src=]20
Jim Clay and Pepe
[img src=]00
Waiting for vet check
[img src=]00
Fay Van Camp and Missy
[img src=]00
Jan Ethington and Rocky
[img src=]00
Wes Licht does safety check on Missy
[img src=]00
Pauline Stollenwerk, Elinor Tonsor and vet
[img src=]00
Roger Houk, official timer
[img src=]10
Randy Rudstrom with Buddy at finish
[img src=]00
Randy Rudstrom and Buddy
[img src=]00
Jim Clay and Scarlet
[img src=]00
Pepe trots out
[img src=]00
Checking Pepe's legs
[img src=]00
Larry Schultz with Addiyr
[img src=]10
Deb Dixon with Magic
[img src=]00
Wes and Lena at final vet check
[img src=]20
Paul Wasielewski with Baby Dude
[img src=]10
Gary Jackson with Horus
[img src=]10
Raven Fisher with Dominic
[img src=]10
Roger Houk with Jazz
[img src=]00
Wes Licht with Annie
[img src=]00
Paul Wasielewski with Baby Dude at final vet check
[img src=]00
Wes calms Annie as they wait for p/r
[img src=]00
Jac Deweese with Scooter at trot out
[img src=]10
Final vetting for Jazz
[img src=]10
Final vetting for Scooter
[img src=]00
Pot Luck Supper

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