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We’re glad you stopped by to visit our website on distance driving. Perhaps you’ve just discovered MDDA and want to learn more about just what we do. Perhaps you’ve come to check the schedule to see when and where competitive drives are being held or check the results of past drives. Or perhaps you are just interested in looking at some photographs of our horses and drivers at the various competitions. Whatever the reason, thanks for browsing and drop us a line if we can answer any questions or be of service to you.

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Draw I 2005
20 Mile Drivers-Single
1st – Derrick Dupler
2nd – Randy Rudstrom
12 Mile Drive
1st – Deb Dixon
2nd – Fay Van Camp
3rd – Paul Wasielewski
4th  – Jac Deweese

DRAW I , Horseman’s Park, Palmyra, WI
May 8, 2005
by Debbie Dixon

Horseman’s Park at New Prospect, WI (in the Northern Unit of the Kettle Moraine) was the site of the May 8th, 2005, DRAW I Ride and Drive.  We set up our camp mid-afternoon in the overflow area of the park as most of the other sites were already filled with the Endurance and Competitive riders and rigs, and afterwards took a walk around the park to see if any other drivers were already there.  Sharon Brunzlick, her husband Larry and daughter Cadence, and their equine menagerie (two horses and two mules) had arrived shortly before us and had already gotten in a little trail riding.  Sharon was in doubt whether she’d get to do the drive on Sunday (she was planning on the 20 mile) because Junior, her Standardbred, had come off the trailer lame.  She’d had the vets take a look at him but couldn’t pinpoint the problem (there was no heat or swelling to indicate an injury) so was giving him the night to rest, then would try to revet him in on Sunday morning hoping the rest would “do him good”.

Later that evening, Jac Deweese drove into camp, as did Randy and Sandy Rudstrom.  And the following morning found Derrick Dupler, Fay Van Camp,and Glenn Garbisch in camp.  Everyone passed the vet check with the exception of Sharon’s Junior – unfortunately he was still off.  (I personally took advantage of Sharon’s not driving and asked her to help Paul and I get our two horses harnessed up — and a big Thank You to Sharon for helping get Magic bridled – she was being rather sassy and I know I couldn’t have done it alone).  The start order and start times were assigned after a short drivers meeting to explain the trail and driver markings and special things to watch for, then everyone scattered to get themselves and their horses ready.

Derrick and his Morgan, Rhia, were first out for the 20-mile at 7am and Randy, driving his Standardbred Buddy, followed five minutes later. Then the 12-milers started out at 8:15, going out five minutes apart – Glenn Garbisch (with his daughter as groom) driving Akhea (Arab), Jac Deweese with Scooter (Morgan), Paul Wasielewski with Baby Dude (Quarterhorse), Fay Van Camp with Missy (Grade), and myself with Magic (Saddlebred).  We shared a short stretch of the trail in the beginning with some of the riders, but for the most part had the trail all to ourselves. And what a beautiful day it turned out to be – what started out to be a very cool morning turned very warm (by noon the temperature was above 70)!  Some of the competitive riders had told us they had found piles of hail on the trail Saturday morning from the bad storm that had gone through Friday night, but by Sunday morning, all that had melted so what we encountered were puddles and mud holes, along with a couple of culverts with bubbling water.  Several of the other drivers related after the drive that their horses initially had tried to jump the first culvert (mine included — quite a feat while attached to a cart) – otherwise the trail was in excellent condition.  Funny thing, though, I don’t remember there being so many hills, and ROCKS!!

The 12-mile drivers used the same course to drive 6 miles out and 6 miles back to camp (with no vet check or hold at the turn-around, although there were water tanks available), and the 20 milers used the same 6 mile course with an additional 4 miles beyond, had a mid-point vet check and hold, then turned around and came back the same course. The final vet checks found that some of the horses were working rather hard –  Glenn’s Akhea had very high pulse and respiration which did not come down in the required time and Glenn had to withdraw; Jac’s Scooter also had higher rates which did come down but he lost points because of the recheck; Paul’s Baby Dude (Quarter horse) was also a little high (but not high enough to require withdawal) –even so, Paul asked for an immediate recheck of his rates, which came out the same; Magic was higher than her norm, but well within the range (although she did finish just slightly off on her right front which earned a deduction), and Fay’s Missy had  good p/r’s;

And for the 20 milers – Derrick’s Rhia had good p/r’s as did Randy’s Buddy.  This proved to be a difficult drive for some of the horses and their pulse and respiration rates showed the effect that the warmer day can have when they’re still shedding out winter coats!

All in all, everyone had a great time and enjoyed the drive.  After cooling our horses and getting horses, tack, carts, and ourselves cleaned up, we joined the awards ceremony to accept our ribbons, posed for a final group shot, then said our goodbyes with promises to be at the next drive (and some of us with a firm resolve to do more conditioning).

Results for the 20 mile drive:
1st Derrick Dupler & Rhia (Morgan) — 382
2nd Randy Rudstrom & Buddy (Standardbred) — ???

and for the 12-mile drive:

1st Debbie Dixon & Magic (Saddlebred) — 369
2nd Fay Van Camp & Missy (Grade) — ???
3rd Paul Wasielewski & Baby Dude (Quarterhorse) — ???
4th JacDeweese & Scooter (Morgan) — 331

Editor’s Note:  My apologies to the drivers in the 12-mile event – I did not get pictures of these participants because I was one of the 5 involved!

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