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Annual Meeting

MDDA Annual Meeting 2005

By Jac Deweese

We held our Midwest Distance Driving Association (MDDA) annual meeting and awards party at the McFarland Municipal Center on Saturday, November 12, 2005.

Members started arriving at about 2 PM and immediately set up tables and chairs for the expected crowd. Food was quickly assembled in the kitchen, snacks put out and pictures arrayed for all to enjoy. As the guests arrived, items for the silent auction were put on display and people gathered to talk about their adventures of the past year and make plans for the coming year.

This year we had a new attraction, cowboy poets Pic Pickel and Roger Olson were here to entertain us with poems that were full of humor and pathos. A poem describing an Eastern gal’s introduction to Western cuisine was hilarious. A couple of poems about great equines passing over the Rainbow Bridge were tear jerkers. A poem about veterinarian laundry woes was presented as a special token to one of our very helpful doctors, Howard Ketover. It was obvious that the poets were a great hit with everyone present. Our thanks to Pauline Stollenwerk for making arrangements for their participation.

We then enjoyed a social dinner where we were able to learn a little more about other members present. The meal was delicious with ham, turkey and all the fixins supplied by members brings individual dishes. It’s always amazing how the meal comes together and how complete it is.

After eating we immediately held the election of directors for 2006. We’d like to welcome new directors Roger Houk and Gary Jackson to the board. Present directors Wes Licht, Jac Deweese, Jane Licht, Sandy Rudstrom, Connie Gray, and Pauline Stollenwerk were also re-elected to the board for 2006.

Wes Licht then continued the business meeting with the announcement that we will apparently have to find a new location for our spring drive, Iron Oaks, since the Loeb farm is under new management and not responding to our inquiries. Some suggestions were mentioned and will be investigated. We would really like to locate this event in the area west of Madison since we have several events at Palmyra already.

After our meeting it was time for awards.

First we recognized our Rookie of the Year, Derrick Dupler and his horse Rhia. Then we recognized our outstanding crop of rookies by presenting each who had completed at least three events with an embroidered shirt. This group included Gary Jackson with Horus, Faye Van Camp with Missy, Bruce Thayer with Dayo, Janice Ethington with Wylla and Jim Clay with Pepe. This group of active rookies made for some outstanding events this year and we look forward to their continued participation in 2006.

Derrick interrupted the awards presentation with a special award in recognition of my upsetting my cart and horse at Endless Valley. He had an award called the ‘Rock and Roll’ award. He modified UMECRA’s motto ‘To Finish is to Win’ to ‘To Finish is to Live’. He went on to acknowledge that there was a tie in this particular category, but the award should go to the “older and least likely to remember what in the world happened”. So the award was presented to Jac along with a bottle of Tylenol.

Next we recognized our Limited Distance drivers with Gary Jackson and Horus receiving a cooler for being the Champion in 2005. Wes Licht and Annie also received a cooler for Reserve Champion.

The Competitive Awards were presented to Wes Licht and Lena as Champions in 2005. Wes selected a blanket for Lena. Jac Deweese and Scooter were Reserve Champions and will receive a rain jacket. Randy Rudstrom and Buddy placed third and selected a cooler. Faye Van Camp and Missy were fourth and selected a cooler.

Wes again took the floor and announced that he had some special awards. In soliciting information he had gone straight to the horse’s mouth. He then proceeded to read a letter from Rhia (Derrick Dupler’s horse) in which she relates how it was her responsibility to hold the cart which had rolled into a ravine while Derrick retrieved its contents and righted the cart. She then proceeded to pull him through the rest of the course and then put on a demonstration of her talent for tricks that same evening. A marvelous horse and a lucky driver received the Tall Grass Ravine Award.

He then read a letter from Scooter (Jac Deweese’s horse) in which he relates how Jac considered this a test of his ability to quietly prepare for and complete our first 20-mile drive. He relates how everything is going fine until very near the end of the drive he finds himself laying on his side in a woodpile. He reportedly tells Jac that “I’ve fallen on a woodpile and I can’t get up!” With the help of some riders, Scooter is extracted and definitely feels that he passed the “TEST”. Jac accepted the Woodpile Award for this experience.

Elinore Tonsor, Romona Radtke and Linda Jacobson were presented embroidered shirts for their efforts and assistance at numerous events throughout the year.

The last award of the evening is one of the most significant to the functioning of MDDA and that is the Volunteer of the Year Award. It went to a husband and wife team that do everything imaginable for the organization, including timing, scribing, and food preparation at events, presenting information at clinics, assisting with registration, giving advice and encouragement, and even relating lots of funny stories and jokes. The award went to Roger and Dana Houk of Eagle, Wisconsin.

A cheerful group collected their purchases from the silent auction, gathered the remaining food, put away the chairs and tables, cleaned the floor and headed out for the trip home.

It was another successful event for MDDA.