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We’re glad you stopped by to visit our website on distance driving. Perhaps you’ve just discovered MDDA and want to learn more about just what we do. Perhaps you’ve come to check the schedule to see when and where competitive drives are being held or check the results of past drives. Or perhaps you are just interested in looking at some photographs of our horses and drivers at the various competitions. Whatever the reason, thanks for browsing and drop us a line if we can answer any questions or be of service to you.

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Final Points 2004

Total Award Nr.
Name Horse Points Division Drvs Miles
Randy Rudstrom Buddy, Standardbred 55.4 Div I 5 137
Connie Gray ToGo, Arab 51.24 Div I 7 126.5
Wes Licht Lena Su Ladyhawk (Morab) 49.06 Div I 8 111.5
Sharon Brunzlick Junior, Standardbred 17.12 Div I 3 44
*Gary Jackson Bethesda Horus, Morgan 11.16 Div I 2 31
Roger Houk Jazz, Morab 6.72 Div I 2 18
Jac Deweese Ashes (Welsh pony cross) 23.52 Div II 6 62.5
*Raven Fisher Domminic, American Warmblood 9.28 Div II 2 24.5
Pauline Stollenwerk Tony, Standardbred 8.64 Div II 3 28
*Jim Clay Peppy (POA) 8.64 Div II 2 24
*Fay Van Camp Missy, a grade 6 Div II 2 16
Pat Jarocki Rocky, Mini 4.5 Div II 1 12.5
*Sherry Bilus Solfest, Fjord 4.08 Div II 2 16
Deb Dixon Magic, Saddlebred 3.6 Div II 1 10
*Katz Jackson Horus, a Morgan 3.2 Div II 1 10
*Jim Clay Scarlet (POA) 2.8 Div II 1 10
*Deb Radtke Pietie, Friesian 2.8 Div II 1 10
Lana Santamaria Noble, Arab 2.64 Div II 1 6
*Chuck Kranz Spencer, Morgan 2.4 Div II 1 6
**Laneta Robinson Lady, Morab 2.16 Div II 1 6
*Ed Thielbar Amber, Morgan 1.92 Div II 1 6
**Jeff Faust Donovan, Friesian cross 1.68 Div II 1 6
*Derrick Dupler Rhia, Morgan 1.68 Div II 1 6
*Loren Gettelman Bo, Quarter cross 1.44 Div II 1 6
**Marge Gettelman Trojan, Morgan cross 1.44 Div II 1 6
*Mary Ruth Marks Memphis, Arab cross 1.2 Div II 1 6
Jac Deweese Jessie, Morab 1.2 Div II 1 6
**Susie Weiss Donavan, Morgan 1.2 Div II 1 6
Debbie Ivins 5.28 Div II 1 12
*Julie Dahlberg Bess + Rowdy, Morgan,cross 15.18 Div II 3 34.5
* 1st Year Members

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