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Clinic Flyer

We’ve finalized the clinic flyer!  It’s a pdf document that includes a registration form.  Click here to open it in a new window for downloading or printing.

We’ve also added a new page specific to the clinic.  (See the selection bar above)

Distance Driving Clinic

Yes, we will have a Distance Driving Clinic this Spring.

We are now in the process of creating and finalizing the program which will emphasize actual participation with a pre-drive vet check, a short drive, the post-drive vet check, scoring and awards.

Of course we’ll discuss and answer questions about the sport, what is required to participate, basic safety and some of the key rules.  The intention is to hit the critical points (handouts will be provided that expand on this basic information) but allow more than enough time to actually allow you and your horse to get exposed to the ‘action’.

We’ll have experienced drivers with their horses to accommodate those who want to attend without their horse.

We picked the date to sandwich between the Midwest Horse Fair and the start of the competitive season.  The week after the clinic is Kettles & Bits at New Prospect, WI and the following week is Glacier Trails at Palmyra, WI.

These are excellent events for the novice driver with 15 and 12 mile drives.  (We’re trying to get some 6 mile events planned for the future, but it is up to the ride manager to mark the trails.)

Watch for more information.