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Get fired up for IRON OAK 2014

Does everyone have Iron Oak on their schedule for October 11 and 12? I certainly hope so! It’s coming up very soon….

The MDDA board of directors has been busily planning for this ride. We will start off with a set-up party at 9am on Friday morning (10/10) to put up Easy-Up tents, tables, vet area and water tanks. Tim and I plan to mark the trail on Wednesday.

Two riders, Victoria and Nancy have volunteered their services for a multitude of jobs over the weekend. We are SO grateful to them, and hope we can also count on MDDA members to help with additional duties such as scribing, P&Rs, running, secretarial help, etc. during the event. Remember, it’s an MDDA event! We’re a small group in membership so we have to make up for it in volunteership!

If you wonder how you can help, just come to Ukarydee that weekend and ask Tim or me!! But if you want to discuss things beforehand, don’t hesitate to drop me an email or post your comments here! :o)

Many thanks!!