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Iron Oak was a great success!

Well, another MDDA season is in the books. We had a lot of new drivers this year and hope to see them all out on the trail next year. The more the merrier! There was a wide variety of breeds and rigs, from Miniatures to Drafts, and jog carts to marathon carts.


Oct 8-9, 2016.  Although mornings were a bit chilly, by afternoon there was sunshine with a light breeze.  We had a record number of horses and riders, and overall, everyone had a great time.  The trails were very well marked, with minimal mucky spots, in spite of recent rains.    A big KUDOS to Ruth Casserly and her cadre’ of volunteers, vets, timers, P/R takers, etc. who made it happen.

We had seven drivers on Saturday, with three in the 12 mile drive and four in the 6-mile novice drive.
Saturday Results, 12-Miles

  1.  Wes Licht, RL Rosali (Morab)
  2.   Sharon Hahn, My Cameo Love (Arab)
  3.  Mary CLapper, Benjamin Blue (Rocky Mtn)

Saturday Results 6-miles

  1. Char Ehlert, Cosmos Celeste
  2.  Susan Keating, Pippi LIttlelegs (Mini)
  3. Natasha Kaehler, HS Sunrise Spirit, (Mini)
  4. Jacquie Stanton, Casper, (Mini)

Sunday Results

12 Miles Sharon Hahn, My Cameo Love (Arab)

6 Miles Jacquie Stanton, Casper, (Mini)