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We’re glad you stopped by to visit our website on distance driving. Perhaps you’ve just discovered MDDA and want to learn more about just what we do. Perhaps you’ve come to check the schedule to see when and where competitive drives are being held or check the results of past drives. Or perhaps you are just interested in looking at some photographs of our horses and drivers at the various competitions. Whatever the reason, thanks for browsing and drop us a line if we can answer any questions or be of service to you.

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Kettles and Bits is in the books

Apologies if this post doesn’t appear organized.  This is our first attempt at managing a website, and we are learning as we go.

The first competition is done, and we are excited about the upcoming year.  We have a member who was the rookie of the year last year, and a member who competed a few years ago, and is getting back into the sport.

Kettles and Bits is held at the Northern Kettle Moraine State Park near Campbellsport WI.  The trails are beautiful for driving: nice and wide with plenty of hills, curves, prairies, and views.  The campground has quite a few reserveable electric sites, plus numerous non-reserveable sites in the group campground.  I will post some results here, until we get the official results posted in the Standings section.   Saturday Results:  15 Miles.  1.  Mary Clapper with Ben (Rocky Mtn Horse) , 2.  Tim Casserly with Sammie and Bachlava( Arabs), 3.  Alice Hubert with K-Macaroni (Standardbred), 4.  Ray Hubert with Lone Oak (Standardbred.)  Sunday Results: 15 miles.  1. Tim Casserly with Sammie and Bachlava( Arabs), 2. Jeanne White with Chessica (Haflinger,) 3.  Alice Hubert with K-Macaroni (Standardbred) May 7-8, 2016 Team Casserly and JeanneMay 8, 2016 Crossing the BridgeMay 7-8, 2016 Team Casserly and Mary Clapper May 7-8, 2016 Meeting Kay May 7-8, 2016 Loki Hanging Out May 7-8, 2016 Kay on Sunday May 7-8, 2016 Jeanne White and Chessica May 7, 2016 Ben's trot out May 7, 2016 Mary Clapper and Ben May 7, 2016 Meeting Loki


See you out on the trail soon!

1 comment to Kettles and Bits is in the books

  • Mary Clapper

    I had so much fun at this drive. Many thanks to Tim Casserly For finding the lost and letting Ben and me follow them on the trail on Saturday. And to Ray for his excellent trot outs with Ben. You guys don’t know how much I appreciate the help you have given me. With out you help I would not have placed on Saturday. My new motto is “Pretty darnn good for a Blind woman!” WaHOOOOO!!!! See you at the next drive.