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What Do You Like About Distance Driving?

I wonder if anyone will share their opinions on this subject?

Just to get the ball rolling here are some of my thoughts:

I really appreciated that distance driving was ‘low key’.  I didn’t have to ‘spit and polish’ my harness and cart (I hated show ring classes and that was one of the reasons).

I was participating with others who shared my enthusiasm for horses.

I really liked being on the trail with just my horse, yet knew that if anything happened there were others around to help.  (Actually had this experience when I upset and my horse ended up on a wood pile, unable to get up.  Riders helped move the wood so he could get back to his feet.  Unhurt, thank goodness.)

Enjoyed the people I met at the events.  Riders and drivers are great people.  Note:  It took some time but that may have been me more than everyone else.  I’m really something of an introvert and it takes a while for me to loosen up.

I liked the fact that I was actually able to drive for 2 to 4 hours at a time.  (This is the other thing I disliked about show ring events.  You spend an inordinate amount of time preparing for very little actual driving time.)

I also appreciated that there was a veterinary at the event.  I really liked the fact that my horse was being evaluated by a veterinary every time I competed and those vets were very willing and eager to discuss any issues that might arise.  (Scooter had an ulcer on his eye at one event.  Believe it or not an eye specialist was present and he got excellent care.  With treatment he cleared and has excellent vision.  He wouldn’t have gotten that level of attention if we hadn’t gone to that event.)


Well I have to admit that I’m not much of a camper.  Overnight was always stressful, but I found it worth the discomfort to be able to get more than one day of driving.  The horses never seemed to mind and generally were better performing on the 2nd day.  I simply had to do with less sleep.  (I had a hard time sleeping at an event.  It made the drive home a little tougher than it should have been.)

Will you share your likes and dislikes?